I’m Back! ~ Reflecting On 2021 & Setting Up 2022 Goals

Hello, it’s been a while, and you likely don’t remember me. I was your resident queer book blogger up until uni consumed all of my time. It’s the last week of winter break, and I’ve been feeling this itch to come back, to talk to people about books! My stats differ across various platforms, maybeContinue reading “I’m Back! ~ Reflecting On 2021 & Setting Up 2022 Goals”

Non-Contemporary May Wrap-up!

 Hello, fellow readers! Rather expectedly, everything I finished was queer. I picked up two straight books and DNF’d both of them. I reviewed the contemporary reads of the month already because it’s my favorite genre, but I do read outside of it.  The Giddy Deaths Of The Gays And The Strange Demise Of The Straights, Redfern JonContinue reading “Non-Contemporary May Wrap-up!”