Magpie Murders: Book Review

  8/12 knives   You’ve probably heard of it, in TIME or elsewhere. The great mystery book of the season, reminiscent of Agatha Christie.   Magpie Murders is two versions of the same story. A detective, a professional in one and a professional editor in the other, investigates the murder of an unpopular rich man.Continue reading “Magpie Murders: Book Review”

AWWW, Yessss, Murder!

Hello reading humans! It’s not Monday anymore!  Sherlock Holmes is theorized to have been born on born January 6th. His Watson was born on July 7th, 1852, the day Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930.   The new Star Wars trailer came out with no captioning. Thanks a lot. I now think Rey called KyloContinue reading “AWWW, Yessss, Murder!”


AGATHA CHRISTIE Born 9/15/1890—-Died 1/12/1976 (85)  Fun! I had an assignment to research a female playwright AND AGATHA CHRISTIE WAS ON THE LIST!!!  WORKS OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE The Mysterious Affair At Styles-1920: Previously only publishing poetry, this was her first mystery novel, and the first Hercule Poirot. Murder At The Vicarage-1930: Introduced Ms. Marple AndContinue reading “AGATHA CHRISTIE. ‘Nuff said”