The Bella Syndrome pt.1

I recently read  W. Goldman’s The Princess Bride and started thinking about Bella’s Syndrome. While this Syndrome is very annoying, I also read J. Green’s Looking for Alaska after which broadened my thinking into “Why is the most interesting character almost never the narrator?” Bella’s Syndrome describes characters who have no hobbies, no skills, nothing interesting except their boyfriend,Continue reading “The Bella Syndrome pt.1”

Touching Songs

I love music, especially that of Englishmen. This is a random post after not posting for 3 weeks but lyrics, like poetry, strives to capture a moment, an emotion. It’s a space where “Time forever frozen still.”  Ed Sheeran’s Photgraph weaves together strands of love and loss. It compels you to experience your own feelings throughContinue reading “Touching Songs”

3 Worrisome Things

 I’ve been working at the library for a week now, and some things that have’t been a serious problem before are becoming problems now. For one thing, I have Asperger’s, which basically makes someone socially awkward, causing the brain to adapt with higher artistic and logical thinking. It makes me really blunt, like “No, you’reContinue reading “3 Worrisome Things”

Can You Guess The Literary Setting That Inspired This Poem?

The following poem may or may not remind you of a certain place in a certain book. A description early in the book inspired me to decide that a cure for the common cold is hidden in this place Grotty Gardens. Oh, grotty gardens                      Continue reading “Can You Guess The Literary Setting That Inspired This Poem?”