Tweeting Poetry

#MyBiggestProblem is the screams…the terrible screams inside my head as I see my republican laugh and smile like a nazi… — Brittaina Goffy (@brittanianvamp) January 21, 2017 ….and I question my sanity #MyBiggestProblem #poetryvstrump — Brittaina Goffy (@brittanianvamp) January 21, 2017 …For is not unreality less sane than reality? This world is not! #MyBiggestProblem #poetryvstrumpContinue reading “Tweeting Poetry”

Sci-fi Women

Most, if not all, of the sci-fi and fantasy i’ve read star men. Every Bradburian, Adams, and Scott Card star men. the women, when they’re there, are either romantic partners or relatives. The women dominated genres are dystopian and romance, and most of the dystopians have romance! This is insulting because a) this is notContinue reading “Sci-fi Women”

An Ode To The March

Although the past did not contain A screaming, wailing against the storm I found myself at tip-toe rest Near the center of the hurricane   We wailed! Countless voices Screaming out a breath of wind So  much, so fast It had to spin!   It wailed! He could not see He’s deaf, he’s blind, he’sContinue reading “An Ode To The March”

Doomsday Countdown

So if you want to torture yourself by knowing exactly how long we have until we’re no longer living in a democracy, here you go. Update: I corrected the mistake. You can now know exactly how long America has been an oligarchy.A countdown to the Presidential Election CountdownCountup <style>.tcw:after { content: ”; display: block; margin-top: 25%;Continue reading “Doomsday Countdown”

Comment Challenge

I’ve decided to participate in Sign Up page here! The Comment Challenge is hosted by Lonna @ FLYLēF and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense. I decided to participate because my perspective of he blogging world is limited. Commenting puts your reaction of a blog into words, and depending on the blog, makes whatever you’ve discovered moreContinue reading “Comment Challenge”

The Problem and Solution to Writing Book 2 of a Trilogy

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Teagan Berry I don’t know why, but for some reason when writing a trilogy I find the second book the hardest. Book One is simple. Introduce the characters, establish their working relationships with one another, and tease the big, BIG conflict which will happen two books from now.…

Mrs. President

Warning: politics If Earth were perfect, Jill Stein would become president this Tuesday, but if Earth were perfect, we wouldn’t need her or Bernie. If you’re seriously considering not voting for the major candidates, vote anyway for Jill, just to say, “We need positive change.” But consider this: Hillary Clinton is human. An old human,Continue reading “Mrs. President”

The Bella Syndrome, pt.2

Part 1, explanation of the Bella Syndrome, here When I say that authors cannot create multiple living characters in one story, I am not insulting authors. They, or I should say we, gave life to the lovable, dynamic, living characters that are the true heroes. We cannot write from the POV of these characters because theyContinue reading “The Bella Syndrome, pt.2”