Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

On the 26th of June 1997, Harry Potter was released to the general public.

I don’t remember that part; I wasn’t born yet, but apparently this is what it looked like.


I’ll always remember HP as my bedtime stories. I used to have old hardback copies from my sister, but a misguided muggle bought me a new set and they don’t smell as good, nor hold the same warm memories or the tears of love.

That was a really inconsiderate muggle. When I got it, my mother donated the old copies to local bookshelf and now they’re gone.

I have a solution to my problem. I cannot live without writing, and it is logical that writing leads to books and books lead to tours. Should it, I will buy HP from the bookstores until all of my HPs have memories. Not as warm, but still associated with more than nothing.

Happy bookday, Harry. And thank you, Jo, for sticking with him.

What do you remember when you hear “Harry Potter”?

Ode To Inspiration

If I’m the all-mother,

You’re the moon

Pulling the tides

Not quite knowing why

There’s a sea in me

And I know the channels

But you’re the key, the light,

And away, the gate



You should stay,♥♥♥♥

‘Cause I’ll be away,♥♥♥♥

Not knowing how long


I was watching Sherlock before you came

Into the room, the light shone from your soul

You became my Watson    

No clicks, just

Light shining, though you’re so dark

You’re warm, you’re light



Oh, ♥♥♥♥

How do I write,♥♥♥♥

Apart for unknown,♥♥♥♥

Unknown space-time

I recreate your soul in these pages

An android assimilation of you  

Expressions I never saw but I impose

‘Cause I am the all-mother

And you’re just



Light the way,♥♥♥♥

Pull me whilst away,♥♥♥♥

Oh, won’t you inspire me now

Full Meal Books

The combination of heat and malnutrition has made made (temporarily at least) more conscious of eating full meals. ‘Full meals’ applies not just to eaters but to writers because good writers read widely, experience diverse genres and writing to enrich their own. With that in mind, I compiled a list with a range of delicious books.


Tea-time I normally have my tea in the evening but since normal Americans don’t have this and the English have it as their first meal I put it first.

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Speckled Band sher

It is short enough for a small snack yet rich enough to satisfy until breakfast. It hasn’t been used to either Benedict’s Sherlock nor Iron Man’s, but there was a scene in TNG’S Elementary, Dear Data. A girl hires Sherlock to investigate the death of her sister, who was about to be married until she appeared to die of fright. Recommended to everyone. EVERYONE.



A Natural History Of Dragons  nat

Lady Trent studies dragons. She observes, sketches them, goes on an expedition to discover more about them. Almost the entirety is outside. It is fascinating yet light. Recommended to anyone with an interest in the outdoorsy, science and dragons.




The Middlesteinsdownload (7)

Get ready for a heavy Chinese lunch. Edie is literally eating herself to death while her family attempts to intervene.This is the most realistic book on this list.  Also posted here  Recommended to anyone interested in eating disorders





                                                                  The Giver



Jonas is selected to be the receiver of past memories to keep pain and color out of the community. Recommended to everyone






Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

MMmmmm.. chocolate

If you haven’t yet, even if you saw the movies, the books must be read, as they are ridikulusly superior to the movies.


Do you disagree with any of the assigned meal per book? What other books do you think would work well with a particular meal?

Books That Prove We Need The Paris Treaty

UnstoppableBill Nye  download

Focused on new green tech and innovative ways to use not-so-techy to preserve water and etc., he dosen’t mention much of anything else, strongly saying that science will take care of everything. Such innovations help, but SHOULD NOT be relied on entirely.

This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein download (1)

This focues entirely on somewhat styreotypical mindsets of different groups, such as inhabitants of the dying island nation Nauru, Republicans and politicans in general. It blames capitalism for climate change, as humans exploit natural resources for profit.

Terra Nova, Eric W. Sanderson download (2)

Oil. The structure of it, what can be done with it, why the U.S. didn’t attack Saudi Arabia when Osama Bin Laden was from there. Why humans became so dependent on oil and how it inflences U.S politics.

The Water Knife, Paolo Bacigalupi download (3)

The only fiction book on this list, and also one of few books I don’t like at all, mostly because the writing was unsuitable for the pace. A semi-terrorist group controls the water in a region and the protagonists are trying to free the water rights.

The Hidden Life Of Trees,  Peter Wohlleben download (4)

This was fascinating! It was slow reading because of all of the information. The forest manager studies all aspects of his forest, individual trees and the root/fungi system. I recomend it to anyone intrested in plants or the life sciences.


On my TBR:  Legacy Of Luna, by Julia Butterfly Hill.  download (5)

Butterfly Hill stayed in Luna, a tree in California’s Humboldt county for two years, starting in oct. of 1999. I’ve always wanted to do a tree-sit, though not for the badgering lumber company that chased Hill up Luna.

Have you read any of these? Do you have any other environmental books to recommend?



Dear Moffat (of Sherlock)

I have nothing to do this week. NNUuTTHHIINNGg BOREWD!


 But this is a book blog. A blog about books. Can it be about Sherlock? Can it be a letter to Moffat? You can’t speak right now cause this is not published as I write it so…


Do you know what happens when Sherlock fans get bored? This happens:


But i’m the psychopathic type. I’m sure normal people do something like this:


And the crazy yet calm one do this:



Or they just turn thier book blogs into a Sherlock meme poster.


Or just a general Benidict Cumberbatch meme poster.


The point is, it’s not only your fault that i’m bored. Other people could be entertaining too. But i’m in an intellectual mood and would like a gun so that I could shoot at the walls. Part of that is your fault so you must take responiblity and make season 5 of Sherlock. Are you in agreement? 


And for my dear readers, I will be writing another blog post.1109-when-sherlock-was-14-he-spent-two-entire-days-10942249

And because there was a paragraph, I need to p.s. this:


Love Of Reading

You come to life                                                                                                                        when I’m reading a book                                                                                                             Like I were a stuffed flower                                                                                                       and you a bee with no pollen                                                                                                   as far as I can tell, it can’t just be random;                                                                               you must’ve read the book or at least’ve seen the movie

You’ve read Conan Doyle and have Christie on your TBR                                                      but a true reader would have it the other way ’round                                                            you’re a man made of classics, don’t care to get dirty                                                            When you see me reading random, you don’t care to say hi                                              But you come so alive when it’s good and proper reading                                             blind to the way that you’re giving me mixed signals

Slow Chicano lit and Philip K. Dick                                                                                         not sure why you like these with high standards like yours                                             but if it makes you alive, anything to see your eyes                                                         You say you want to read me, I’m not sure if I’m your type                                             Especially since my novel is forever changing                                                                     but surely you’d read me ‘cause we share a Love Of Reading

Intriguing Bookly Blogs

Some months bring intriguing blog posts and this month has been most intriguing.  These are mostly bookly blogs, but if you read this you won’t mind. 

TanyaScreams (Hi) Sherlock vs. The Book I have recently become obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and have little to add to the post. The stories, being from the POV of Watson, are more of a discovery nature than a mystery; had it been from Sherlock’s view the crimes would be solvable because he observes; Watson just sees.

My Bookish Life Ingredients For A Blurb’s Soul I have just come across this blog and found it intriguing. Here’s my response to the prompt, from a mystery I started yesterday.

Stepdaddy’s Blood: Allan (a girl, by the way) has no memories of her stepfather, who died when she was 8 months old. Her beloved spanish teacher encourages her to take a DNA test to resolve some unanswered questions surrounding her birth. Allan and Piero travel to her family’s tranquil ranchero  to answer the mysteries of her blood.

Nut Free Nerd My Personal Canon books have a -to paraphrase Drumpf-TREMENDOUS impact on our worldviews. The Harry Potter gang is like a second family to me, the Boxcar Children opened my world to the intellectually engaging mystery genre, and The Hobbit inspired me to start writing prose.

A Writer’s Path The Future Of Books: Audacious Predictions For the Next 20 Years      I found the idea of self 3D printed books the most intriguing. It would be delicious as a reader, but as a writer I worry that it’ll make it harder to earn a living off of writing.

The Bloggess Human Shish Kabob Because we all need to relax and worry about attic vampires sometimes.