Midyear Book Freakout Tag 2022

So far I’ve read 24 books, which seems low but apparently I’m 6 books ahead of my official goal of 36 books. I purposely placed it low since I’m in my last year of college, but unofficially my goal is 52 books. Half of that is 26, but I’m not really worried since I’ve been in a hyper reading mode lately.

Anyways, let’s get into the questions!

Best book you’ve read so far in 2022

I Will Never See The World Again. It’s literally unheard of, but I found it while during the Reads The World challenge on StoryGraph. It’s a memoir from a Turkish prison, by a writer who really didn’t do anything but was a casualty of a post-riot sweep. It’s beautifully written and full of points on morality and writing.

Always Human

Best sequel so far in 2022

The only sequels I’ve read are the Heartstopper sequels and Always Human 2. DON’T HATE ME but Always Human is so beautiful and a touching portrayal of an early sapphic relationship. It wins out by just a smidge, although plot-wise HS has more going for it.

Best new release so far in 2022

~Poverty~ but let’s see… I’ve read All That’s Left In The World, Love & Other Disasters, and… that’s it. Both of these books were pretty mid, TBH. Although I suppose I’d pick L&OD of the two. It’s an adult NBLW cooking romance.

New release you need to get to

I thought I preordered Hell Followed With Us by AJ White, but there was a problem processing it and I had to order it again… Still haven’t gotten it *Sigh* The brief synopsis I needed was Trans Guy Monstrous Cult.

Most anticipated release in the second half of 2022

I only found out about this recently and I NEED IT! Self-Made Boys is a Great Gatsby retelling from the one and only AM McLemore.

Biggest Disappointment


And Summer Sons. Dark Academia in generally, really. I really love the idea of it, but the books are a hit or miss. Summer Sons specifically had a race car element that I wasn’t expecting and didn’t enjoy, and he was in a situationship with his adopted brother…

Most surprising book

I’m going to have to go with I Will Never See The World Again. I had it on my shelf for AGES, interested enough not to return it, but not interested enough to read it before it was due.

Most beautiful book cover

The Sea In You

What books do you need to read before the end of 2022

Oh Boi.

My immediate TBR consists of The Beekeeper Of Aleppo, Zorro (yes, that Zorro) Cobalt Blue, See You At Harry’s, Island Of The Lost, Used Aliens, and Pretty Things. I don’t even know what some of these books are about, but I live in a rural area and can’t complain when I find a new book.

In addition to that, my CRs are The Art Of Death, a writing craftsbook, and Annihilation, a sci-fi story that’s supposed to be as weird as Bunny but just going by the first chapter, it’s not written in a very accessible way. I don’t mean big words, I mean weird phrasing that doesn’t really allow me to sink in.

How has your reading year gone so far? Have to read or plan to read any of these books?

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