So You’ve Finished… Special Topics In Calamity Physics

Special Topics and The Namesake in a stack.

This is the second in a series? Maybe? It didn’t get a lot of attention, but I enjoyed writing So You Finished…The Anthropocene Reviewed, in which I actually opened an email from GoodReads to see if they had taste. They did rec me Special Topics, so they probably don’t. But if you can’t tell by the theme of the month, I really, REALLY need Dark Academia recs. And twitter isn’t giving me any, so it’s off to the second worst place to get book recs.

I can already see If We Were Villains on this list, which I love. While we’re going in the right direction, GR should already know that I’ve read this… So why is it rec’ing me this? Black Chalk is also on my TBR list, as is The Lake Of Dead Languages, which I don’t remember adding it, but it sounds intriguing with a side of this-could-go-cringe fast. I’m not sure if it could actually be cringe or if i’m still clenching from the mess that was Special Topics. The only problem is that one of the characters have the same name as one of my professors, so I may be picturing a little old lady whenever this 20? something pops up.

I can’t look at any of these because of how cringe they sound.


The Bellwater Revivals sounds good but it’s heterosexual so I probably won’t read it.

The Pale Blue Eye looks oddly intriguing. It’s a detective story set in 1830, one of the detectives being Edgar Allan Poe. I am disgusted by the real Poe but am fascinated by the Poe Aesthetic, if that makes sense.

Fated also sounds good. It follows a male personification of Fate as he is generally miserable and in love with a human. It probably isn’t gay, but I can let that slide if it’s satire. Herterosexuals are made up, after all.

The list isn’t as DA as I’d like, it’s more of a blend between Cringe, Detective, and Literary. It’s filled with male protags and smells of isms/phobias. I just want a queer, dark humorist take on academia. While I am writing one myself (periodically, at least) it’s not a fun time to be lacking in books but relishing in internet spaces. Why isn’t the online trend translating into books in my paws?

Not to say that there are NONE- Ace Of Spades and Jake Livingston are two that came out recently. I’m not sure about Jake Livingston anymore, since it sounds very trigger-heavy. But I really want Ace Of Spades but haven’t the spare money to get it.


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