End Of Summer Book Tag/Recap!

Yes, it might be early for you but school starts on Monday and there’s no way I’m getting reading done with 6 classes.

What book can you not stop thinking about?

Never Let Me Go ruined me for all other books. I would say it sent me in a book slump, but I’ve been able to read a ton of fanfic. Authors outside of AO3 need to step up their game. And if you have recs after hearing the title Never Let Me Go, please let me know, I can’t read without them.

Which book would you rather not have read?

I’ve DNF’d a fair few, but 100 Boyfriends was the sex-crazed scrunch of paper that was the beginning of a series of disappointments. It was just a recount of a bunch of sexual things. I picked up this book because I saw it in one of Bowties & Books videos, and I really need to start doing more research before I commit to a book. But it’s hard to not be spoiled that way.

What genre did you read the most?

This has been the Summer Of Fanfiction. The first fanfic I read was Four Letter Word For Intercourse in June, a Destiel fanfic where they meet silently in the library during the day and loudly over a phone during the night. In July I read To Know & To Be Known where John Winchester’s A+ parenting takes the form of abusing his werewolf son with a silver collar. After John’s death Cass takes him in to learn how to love his werewolf self. Thus far in August I’ve read 7 complete fanfics and one incomplete one, including Novak Wears Prada and the Sabriel fic My Dagger Or Yours. But I really need to scream about Aria For An Angel, a CasMick Destiel endgame fic. Watching Cass fall for Mick is the cutest thing ever, and for one Cass feels, and in fact is, an equal partner in their relationship. We all know Dean Winchester keeps everything bottled up, and Mick is the total opposite. While they’re not soulmates, and I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a CasMick shipper, they are good together.

Which book surprised you the most?

Never Let Me Go. I heard nothing of it before my friend rec’d it, and I’m offended that none of the 532,416 people who’ve read it bothered to tell me about it before then.

Which book disappointed you the most?

Special Topics In Calamity Physics. I really just want another dark academia like Bunny or If We Were Villains, but there are none. This book was just a slew of made-up references and pretentious hard-to-know characters. There were many times I worried over the potential teacher-student relationship, but I thankfully bowed out before it could reach that point.

What was your favourite cover?

Most fanfics don’t have covers, and all of my library books came with a strap over them. His Hideous Heart looks pretty, even if I only enjoyed two of the stories.

What was your favourite summer release?

*stares in poor*

I did read One Last Stop since I preordered it, but it was the only one. It’s a good book that had me exploring punk for a minute, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best book to have hit the stratosphere. Maybe the best queer one (better than Simon or Call Me By Your Name) but there are lesser known queer books that should’ve hit higher. (Felix Ever After, May The Best Man Win, Ameila Westlake, etc.)

What books did you plan on reading, but never got around to?

I never got to a few things on my T10T ~ Summer ’21 TBR but the one I’m most worried about is Outlawed. I want sapphic cowgirls, but Read With Cindy has said that it has some transphobia. I don’t know if I’m really going to read it now, at least not until I’m on a better headspace.

Which books do you plan on reading this fall?

Oh, boy. I’m actually betting on not being able to read a lot, as I have 6 planned classes. Two of my classes are more technical, which isn’t that fun for me but it’s part of being a journalism major. Two other classes are most likely to be text heavy, but I might have to drop one because I know the professor is a stickler for the camera. (this is zoom era if you’re reading this in the distant future.) One other class sounds like it has reading but the prof is pretty easy, and the other is gym. So it doesn’t really sound like downtime time, but I do hope to read Echo After Echo for sapphicon.

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