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 So these are my general tips for school and life that you’ll maybe find useful but it’s probably pedantic? I guess if you’re a struggling student you’ll hopefully find something useful, but these might also just be common sense. I also started this before the pandemic happened so some may not be available rn. Let me know in the comments if you found something helpful!

 It pains me to say, I am a 22 yr old junior Journalism major, with a double minor in Philosophy. For reference, the mates I came in with freshman year graduated last spring. 

 Why? I had to go back home midway through my first year and continued to have medical and financial difficulties that prevented me from coming back. During my time away, I worked at a city tree care organization, took two semesters at community college, found out that the meds I was on were making my problems worse, and was rejected by my university three times. (one an internal mistake)

Tip #1 

 Find an internship or volunteer organization that will connect you with jobs. There might be one in your school. I went through one that served 16-25 year olds- if you are in that age range there’ll likely be one available if you live in or near a city. There were posters at my local library, along with tons of other job and scholarship opportunities, a lot of them for coding programs. Bonus tip: check your library website or other community bulletin regularly. 

Trick #1

 Notebook doesn’t have pockets? Cut a page in half and tape it to the bottom of cover or divider paper. Had to do this for a class on “others”- a general overview of the ways queer, POC, and disabled peopled are put at a disadvantage. We had to submit half-sheet mini essays and this was perfect for holding spare papers since I didn’t want to tear up my notebook. 

Gay pins and stickers

Tip # 2

CONNECT WITH YOUR ADVISOR. I didn’t connect with my major advisor until I took a class with her, and she became overly concerned after I wrote an essay on using the food bank. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and even if you don’t think you need help now, it’s always a good idea to have a strong connection with someone in your field. 

Trick #2

Put your RA or housing office number in your phone. Uni dorms can get pretty wild and you never know when someone will get in a fight, lose their key, or set off the smoke alarm. 

Tip # 3

Pick a Fun class. You should be enjoying your major classes, but those are also the classes you’ll have the most pressure to excel in. Pick something you’re curious about or have a hobby in, but won’t hurt you if you don’t get an A. (AND PREPARE TO GET FEWER As OVERALL) This should be a class to let of some steam and just enjoy yourself. I’ve done a playwriting class, death class, and music class. There’s also other other creative classes like dance or art. 

Trick #3

The uni library has more fiction than you think. If it has won an award or has hit bestseller’s lists there’s a good chance they have it, even if it looks like rows upon rows of technical nonfiction books. They won’t have everything, but they’ll likely be a designated area for those books. Depending on your uni system, you can also request books from other unis. When searching online, make sure you expand your search to include all universities in your system. 

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