Love Is Blind: Reunion Reaction post

*Spoilers! (duh!) *

Ya’ll Netflix is good at reality shows. They choose the right mix of people- some for the drama, some for the actual aim of the show. I personally prefer The Circle, but the anniversary episodes of Love Is Blind just dropped, and just how do they squeeze that many episodes out of one party?

So I think the three main dramas are Gigi’s and Damien’s whole thing, Carlton’s whole thing, and off-screen, Mark’s cheating problem.

But first, I just want to say how good for each other the Hamiltons and Barnetts are! Whatever else happens, they seem really right for each other. I’m glad Barnett chose Amber because they fit and complement each other, even if they come across as annoying sometimes. And ofc Lauren and Cameron are #CoupleGoals if your goal was to be heterosexual.

First, this whole cast showed a decent range of how to be in, and approach, a relationship. Some are more open and trusting, while others respect the boundaries their s/o asks of them. And the ones that don’t, well…

I actually like Damian and Francesca together. (raises shield) They seem to really like each other, and Damian got all soft and sweet when talking to and about her. But she stormed out, as she should, after realizing Damian wasn’t being honest. Damian’s brain and heart seemed to be in two different places; he was making it work with Gigi and cared about her, but he went and fell for Francesca without consciously realizing it. Both women were right to leave him and should go off to be gay. (at least Francesca, Gigi has shown to be straight.)

Also, whyyyy did you die your hair? It looked so good black.

Carlton- I get where you’re coming from buddy, but you need some therapy. Work on ways to deal with that anger! Diamond is definitely in biphobic waters and it’s obvious Carlton was coerced into making up with her at the first reunion. But Carlton’s anger problem makes it too easy to blame it all on him- you don’t start screaming every time something doesn’t go your way. They are both at fault for their blowup, and I hate that the queer guy became the villain.

What was the last one? Mark. Mark, Mark, Mark. *sigh* Honestly, good for him for not showing up, and good for everyone else involved. If you want an open relationship, you need to be open and communicative with your partner. Not straight-up going behind their backs to be with your seven side-pieces. No wonder someone got pregnant.


So I’m done talking about these dramatic messes. What were your thoughts?

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