Mid-Year Freakout Tag!

Best Book of 2021

And yes, this is the book I waited until two days after the actual mid-year to finish (Not bc of the book, I was just finishing up a summer class)

It’s none other than Never Let Me Go, a british novel published in 2005 and set in the 1900s. It reads as if it’s set sometime later in the future, and would’ve been helpful to know it wasn’t the case as I was squinting at all of the old-timey references from old times (Is Judy Bridgewater a real person?)

A friend that has all the best recommendations brought it up after I mentioned The Promised Neverland, a manga following children at an orphanage fated to be harvested to aliens. I only got my paws on volume one, but it’s made a lasting impression.

Best Sequel

Dude, I don’t read sequels. The sequels I want to read have never been written. Although I did see that my library has that President Snow book, which I will probably read even though I don’t really want to.

New Release You Need To Read

Ah, Well, How Many Gigabytes Do You Have?

Off the top of my head (The ones that come up first on my goodreads tbr) Cool For The Summer, Darling, The Maidens, and Ace Of Spades. I orignally wasn’t going to pick up Darling because some people labelled it as fantasy and I really don’t read it nowadays. But the author came out and said that it’s a contemporary thriller, which has propelled it from “not interested” to “would read if the library had it.”

Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of The Year

If This Gets Out, that’s it, that’s the only book, all the other books already came out or don’t come out until next year. I’d say I need to pay more attention to new releases but I already don’t have enough attention for school.

Biggest Disappointment


Biggest Surprise

Maurice. I wasn’t expecting that much Pure Gay in a classic, and there is a horrible twist involving a love interest that had me S C R E A M I N G. I watched the movie later and please. For the love of Satan, don’t put 35+ years olds to try and pass them off as late teens.

Favourite New Author

Hmm, do I have one? Ahh, yes, Leo Tolstoy. I hated everything he wrote except for The Death Of Ivan Ilyich, which paralleled his own death and closetism.

Why can’t I spell, and more importantly, why does WP tell me I can’t spell and proceed to not tell me how to correct it?

Newest Fictional Crush

I’m biromantic. Everyone’s a crush. Except Clive. Fuck Clive.

Newest Favourite Character

No one immediately comes to mind, unless Mobius counts.

(Instert Mobius fancam)

Book That Made You Cry

Maurice made me cry in frustration. Four Letter Word made me cry from eyestrain. But I don’t generally read sad books? There are some with a melancholy tone, but they’re not necessarily invoke-tears sad.

Book That Made You Happy

Most books?

Most Beautiful Book

So all the ones from the library have this strap on them so you can’t see the cover, only the spine. But Maurice has a sort of beautiful simplicity to it; I bought it at a used bookshop after I finished my library copy and I should probably reccommend another book. The Anthropocene Reviewed has a similar quality in a different way.

What Books Do You Need To Read By The End Of The Year

Try every book in existence. But seriously, I need to get to Cicero’s On The Good Life and Little Badger’s Elatsoe. Which is also a contender for Beautiful Book.

Book 2 Movie Adaptation

I was just about to watch Benedict Society but was interrupted in the opening credits. I suppose I could say Maurice again, unless School Of Rock was based on a book or something.

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