Story Generators For Storied Procrastinators

Is this procrastination or research? Does it matter?

So a while back I attempted to make a wix blog because block editor is the worst. Turns out wix is an Israeli site and we don’t support genocide in this house, so I’m deleting it but saving the two whole posts I wrote here.

I hit a block in my story. I need an Incident! Something exciting to propel the story forward and compel my characters to change!

So I thought, naively, that I could find inspiration in a random generator. The first one I found was It’s Mad Libs-esqe, and hilarious. They have several options, including Short Story Generator, Twist Generator, and Writer’s Block Cure Generator.

An example of what can be created here: Mysterious-Darth

The Writing Exercises generator is specifically prompts that writers can incorporate into their stories. They are simple, but thought provoking- “someone is arrested” Who? What for? How does this impact the protagonist and friends?
Writing Exercises

TV Tropes.orgI didn’t personally find this helpful right now, but it has a ton of tropes linked to the generator, such as “stupid boss” or “plot coupon.” It takes the tropes and puts them into a story arc that kind of makes sense in a Bizarro sort of way.

Write a 750 word story in the fairy tale genre. It’s about a warrior and should include a mysterious suitcase. Also use the sentence ‘This is delicious!’ Bonus prompt: The story takes place in a desert.

That prompt is from The Story Shack. Fair warning: It’s a bit confusing to navigate at first due to its ads. But I like it for its silliness.

Well, since I now have a new idea- a character gets arrested on the death of the protagonist’s dead girlfriend. I already established that she drowned, so now I have to figure out how to make that look like a murder.

Did you find anything useful? What do you do when you hit writer’s block?

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