The TanyX Goffy Reading List~ Rory Gilmore Spoof

So you may have seen my recent post of the entire RG Reading List. As you may have noticed, I’ve read only a few of them, most of which I DNF’d or had to read but hated. The List is a compilation of all the references to books in Gilmore Girls, and could be argued, all of the media that Rory deems “essential reading,” which can vary from person to person. Here’s my list and why I think people should read them by the time they graduate HS or college!

My book love

#1 I Wish You All The Best, Mason Deaver –Freshman Year HS

Yes, the writing leaves something to be desired, but it’s a great first glimpse into the nonbinary world, and the book that came out as I was questioning my gender, or lack thereof. I used nonbinary for a while, then shifted to agender  and later transmasculine. I now don’t have a preferred word and just say “I’m trans” or “I don’t have a gender.” 

Read this. Hype this. Give me this.

#2 Felix Ever After, Kacen Callender- Junior/senior year HS

I just finished this and I know. I just know how important this 2-month old book is for the future of trans lit. It was so full of self-pride even when there was a serious incident of transphobia and Felix began to re-question himself.

#3 They Both Die At The End, Adam SilveraHS

You can’t enter your adult life without being devastated by deaths that are spoiled by the title. It teaches you the meaning of living life to the fullest or something, and that’s something young ppl apparently need to appreciate while they still can. This is BS but the book is not I’m just trying to give you a meaningful reason to reread this.

Christopher McCandless

#4 Into The Wild, Jon Krakauer- Junior Year HS

This is the only required reading that I absolutely, truly, loved. Our guiding reading question was “Is Alex Supertramp a hero?” and I say yes, because he left comfort and safety to follow his dream. So sad his bus was lifted and I’ll never get to visit it. 😦

#5 If It Makes You Happy, Claire Kann- HS

This book stands out in the sense that there isn’t really a strong moral lesson to be learnt, but as it’s something I will require suitors that will never exist to read, I consider it essential to me. It’s got great poly/ace/bi rep that might be educational for some, and a family situation that may leave some feeling empowered to stand up to fatphobic family members.

#6 Hamlet, Shakespeare- Senior Year HS

This is the one Shakespeare I read and truly enjoyed, although I am interested in reading Macbeth and Midsummer Night’s Dream when it’s safe to go to the library. Alas, poor Yorick set me off on a skull hunting spree and I was Hamlet for Halloween. That being said, I didn’t get to read it within a classroom setting and think I could’ve benefited from guided analysis. 

I miss shoes from Payless

#7 Radio Silence- Alice Oseman- Senior yr HS/ Before College

This really questions whether college is right or necessary, and it would be great for anyone who isn’t sure about college. Also- Demiace rep! Aroace author! Bisexual protagonist! No romance! 

#8 Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle– HS

This is a classic and if you don’t read this, you’ll die.


#9 Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde- Senior Year of HS or freshman yr of college

This is another book I would’ve benefited from a guided analysis- an older gay friend told me how gay it is but I didn’t listen and now I’m gay. 

#10 Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell- Before or during freshman year of college

This is an accurate portrayal of college life- the constant library and computer time! I think reading it can be a great way to prep for it- although Rainbow does have a history of racism and I’d like a different “now I’m in college” book but I don’t know any.

#11 If We Were Villains, ML Rio- College Seniors

This is especially great if you’ve read a few Shakespeares before this- I’m told it’s largely Macbeth, but I’ve only read R&J, Hamlet, and The Tempest and see bits of all. It’s super reflective of how I first realized my sexuality and related hard.

#12 An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, Hank Green- College seniors 

This could be construed as an after-college book for the modern era of social media. April May is in her early 20s and leaves a job she hates to be a social media Carl activist. Hank is far better than John, and uses surprisingly ownvoices bisexual rep to show the evils of social media and how it can be used to help aliens/ Carls.

So yeah. This are my “essential books.” This is the kind of list that changes over the years, but these are the books that have strongly impacted me. I also should’ve listed The Hobbit but I really need to list 12 books because I might have OCD.

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