All Of My Discussion Posts- Did What I Think Change?

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 I really love discussion posts. And maybe it’s because I’m in a period of grief, but I want to find something that really engages me. Something that will make me think about something other than his dead body and how he wasn’t eating or licking himself in the days before.

I need to stop before I go into a spiral.

Maybe this should be a single discussion on grief. But I don’t know how. I’ve never really grieved anyone before. 

My last discussion post was How I Know I’m Queer. It was a reaction to Rhiannon’s post on how they knew they were non-binary. I went over different moments of my life that now seem really obviously queer, from not understanding sexual media, feelings for a friend, etc. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I am very proudly queer. But that’s not all that I am. I mean, obviously, but it seems to come up in most of my conversations. I’ll start talking about how my cat will never see me on testosterone, and wondering how he’d react since he was never really around men. I’ll mention how girly one of my masks is and would more likely to get me misgendered. 

Being queer is a big part of who I am, but I don’t understand why I think and talk about it so much. I want to be more than that nerdy queer journalism major who just lost their cat. I want to explore more interests. 

Another discussion post I did was TED Talk Tuesday: Masculinity In The Movies. Unfortunately, it is more of a summary of the different movies brought up, but I do like the last paragraph-

” I do think it’s about being a good person in a world with preset notions of you. You may reject or take in what you choose, but depending on your gender, race, sexuality, or disability you have privileges and disadvantages. Masc v femme is a cultural way of navigating that, but obviously doesn’t come naturally to people.”

Then there was Dear JK Rowling, a response to her transphobic tweet that I’m sure many of you remember. This was deeply personal and painful for me. I love Harry Potter and it shaped who I am from an early age. This post may also be triggering for any trans readers who experience body dysphoria, sorry, I should’ve put a warning.

The last paragraph is kinda sudden, transitioning from the meaning of Dobby to Gay Dumbledore. Overall, this is a good post, but the writing could be more polished in some places. 

I also got my first hate comment on this, (taken down) basically saying that an author’s beliefs shouldn’t influence readers. Sorry, not sorry, but I care whether or not the people who’s ideas I’m consuming respect my existence.

Let’s do a fun one!  Bi Book Bites/ A Biromantic Ramble was posted around Bi Visibility Day. I go through some of the most outstanding Bi rep in books, including April May of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and Radio Silence. I really like the points of how there’s bigger things than your sexuality, as with Alex’s exploration of American history and international relations in Red, White And Royal Blue.

 There’s also the point of how in a lot of books where a gay person forces themself into a relationship with the opposite sex, bisexuality isn’t considered. I haven’t personally been in this situation, because as far as I know, I’m bi, but I think that’s more for a gay person to decide. People really do force themselves- or society does- to be in a relationship with someone they’re not attracted to. But it is a valid criticism in some books- in Carry On, Simon doesn’t label his sexuality at all. Gay is brought up, but not bi. 

 Why is this post so gay. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this! Please let me know of any topics you’d like to see in a discussion post. Link your discussions- or your faves- down below! 

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