I Don’t Know These People!~Statistical Character Test

I recently saw a tweet from Kacen Callender disbelieving that they’d get Dobby as #11, which doesn’t sound bad to me, so I took the test. 

And my #1 was a dude from a show I haven’t watched.


 Rust does sound a lot like me: he’s sorrowful, high IQ, and complicated. I don’t know if I have enough detective in me to watch True Detective- I probably would’ve liked it during the height of my Sherlocked fever. I got Sherlock as my #14, at 80%.

 I also got Mad-Eye Moody at 85%, Brandon Stark at 81%, Darth Vader at 75%, and Gollum at 73%. Doesn’t sound like I’m a real fun person to be around!

 I watched episode 1 for this post, and it could’ve picked up in some places. I do see how I’m like Rust Cohle, but also I’m somewhat softer than Rust. I am known to say things like “human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution.” 

 On a side note, the episode also made me think about marriage. It just seems so weird to me, even though I have been so in love that I seriously considered it. But now that that relationship is long over- why would you spend your life with someone? Rust mentions a daughter that died and his marriage couldn’t sustain itself. This happens a lot- obviously I don’t know the details of Rust’s situation from one episode, but I’d think you’d marry someone because your life is better with them in it. Why did Rust and his wife stop being better for each other?

 I don’t think I’ll continue watching True Detective- it did leave unanswered questions, but the style of the show isn’t really my type. 

Anyway, a really cool character I got at 81% was Janis Ian from Mean Girls!


She is by far the coolest character on Mean Girls, so I am shocked. She is rebellious, creative, conspiracist. I believe she took some of the traits that can make people a-holes and make an authentic person who cares about people-within reason. 

Of course, I haven’t watched it in a long while, so I could be off. And it’s way too late to watch a movie- it’s past 10pm when i’m typing this.

 But you know what sucks? Our kind of character is popular in media, but we have a hard time making friends. It’s like we’re a show for them- I constantly feel more like a spectacle and less like a potential friend. 

Anyway, this wasn’t exactly a typical kind of post- I’m in a mood to talk to a friend but that’s kinda difficult right now :/ 

Update: My cat has a growth on his lungs that’s slowly killing him. I have posts scheduled through mid-may but after that, I might be quiet for a while. If you’d like to help with pain and appetite meds, we have a Ko-Fi

Note: My cat has since died.

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