The Probability Of Reading Popular YA Books


 A ton of books come up frequently in the bookternet, and I have not read them. I just don’t read popular books. I’ve read and loved Strange The Dreamer, John Green, The Hate U Give, Carry On. I’ve read and did not love Frankly In Love or another book about a girl in a mask and there’s secret mythical beings and sleeping. That one’s popular, but my memory of it is erased.

While watching Snow White Reader, I realized just how much I haven’t read, yet heard of. A lot. So let’s go through the authors and books she brings up. 1-3 rating are books I’ll probably never read, 3-5 are books i’ll read if convenient, 6-8 are books I’m mildly interested in, and 9-12 I’ll almost certainly read if given the chance.

Nevernight, Jay Kristoff 8/12

There’s supposed to be a lot of death, and I love death. Assassins galore!

The Raven Boys, Maggie Stiefvater 7/12

This is one I can’t really believe I haven’t read yet because it’s freaking everywhere. So Blue is cursed to cause her true love to die, and it’s one of the bad-boy Raven boys.

Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard 1/12

This is so low because I know nothing about it except that it’s popular. I read the Goodreads Synopsis, and I know nothing.

The Diviners, Libba Bray 10/12

This is one that I really want to read! yay for 1920’s murder and supernatural! I am not a big fantasy fan, but I love magical realism/ occult a la Supernatural.

Jane Unlimited, Kristin Cashore 7/12

I feel more likely to read this than Graceling. I like the idea of exploring different choices/ realities, but I’ve heard negative reviews.

Children Of Blood And Bone 7/12

This has mixed reviews, and a basic fantasy storyline cast in Nigerian myth. I do want to read other culture’s myths, but I feel like this might be less original than advertised, but maybe a lot of people don’t really appreciate it bc racism?

Cruel Prince, Holly Black 6/12

The politics of the fey… I feel like I’d be more likely to read it if it were shorter.

Warcross, Marie Lu 8/12

Hmm, I’m getting Player one vibes. Cool.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses, Sarah J. Maas 2/12

White lady hunting fey. Nah.

Six Of Crows, Leigh Bardugo 1/12

Pretty sure I read a book from the other series and while I was able to finish it, I didn’t like it enough to continue with the world. I just don’t like fantasy anymore.

So I think I’ve learned it’s not that the books are popular; it’s that fantasy is a popular genre and I’m more into contemporary. I was into sci-fi and fantasy in high school, but now I just want something a little more grounded, but weird. 

Didn’t want to offend- how are you feeling about these books? Did you read them and think the hype’s deserved or did you not read them and wish to join me?

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