Social Distance Thoughts

So I started playing My Horse Prince, and there’s really nothing to say that Dan and Phil haven’t already said. I’m not sure why, I was bored and saw it mentioned somewhere, so why not? It’s not like I can’t put off that 5 page essay due in 11 days.


I also watched a nice reading vlog from The Book Leo, who basically said “slow down and enjoy reading.” I haven’t been reading for pleasure very much lately, due to the amount of college, but yay, spring break, and the unfortunate move by the school to go online for a month due to COVID-19. It’s not my favourite, because If I wanted online classes, I would’ve taken out no loans to take them through community. Most, if not all, clubs and events have been cancelled, so I couldn’t have a life even if I had the spoons to do so.

I’m 122 pages into Odd One Out, by Nic Stone. It’s really good, there’s a bisexual love triangle! But I do feel like I want to read something unexpected and outside of my comfort zone. I asked for a rec on Goodreads and the most notable recs were Luna and The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet. I already had Anger Is A Gift on my TBR, and quite a few I’ve already read, including Simon Vs and my beloved I Wish You All The Best. I think one person went “What are all of the queer books I can think of?” and rec’d them all to me. Maybe I should make a list like that, but I don’t want to bore you, unless you want me to?

Anyway, I’m mostly just vibing recovering from a panic attack with nothing to do because it’s the apocalypse. I’m really hoping Writer’s isn’t cancelled, and still have hope because the ML hasn’t announced anything, but maybe they thought the school’s email about events shutdown did the trick. It’s a pretty small group of or less than 10 people, that’s usually spread out, so if one of us did have the disease it’d be unlikely to spread in that situation.

I hope you enjoyed something of this post. What are your most out-there queer recs? Would you read an “Every Queer Book I Can Think Of?” post?

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