January Wrap-Up///College Update!


 I have learned the most horrific thing: for one of my journalism classes, I will have to write a blog post between 1200-1800 words! For reference, my recent post are usually  420-490 words, with my last discussion post, Masculinity In The Movies  is composed of 677 words. 

 Don’t worry, this blog is not about to become academicized, I am to create a separate blog about something probably gay and maybe science-y but I’m not sure yet. I hope I learn things that can help me be a better blogger here, but I’m not looking to fundamentally change this space.

That being said, you probably want to know about the books. Because of the college stuff, I’m only on book 5 of the month. And just FYI, If you click on a link, it’ll take you to Indiebound, an online network of independent bookstores. And if you buy, a small commission will be sent to your favourite blogger! 



If It Makes You Happy

 The first book I read this month was If It Makes You Happy, by Claire Kann. I originally confused it for a memoir, but it’s actually fictional. It’s about Winnie, a black, biromantic asexual polygamist. It’s very similar to my own orientation, except I’m pretty sure I’m monoamorous, and it’s something that I want any future love interest to read. Winnie is in a QPR (queerplatonic relationship) with Kara, and might be into adding a boy that chose to become their town festivals’ royalty with her.

 Every summer, Winnie, her brother and cousin work in their grandma’s small-town diner. Their grandma is pretty tough, especially on Winnie because of her weight and “bad attitude.” Winnie does not let white people get away with things, and her Grandma believes that the best policy is the polite policy.

 The festival side is very wrapped up in the boy side. They show up to appearances together, like parties and talent shows. I felt like this took away from Kara time, and that we didn’t get to know Kara as well as some of the other characters. She did seem cool, but we never really saw depth. The same goes to most of the not-Winnie characters, but Kara and the brother are the people that were most underused.

Into The Woods

 This was creepy. It’s a series of graphic short stories (as in comic, not in gore (There was some gore) They follow different people, victims of certain circumstances that include ghosts, resurrection, and other gothic tropes. I especially loved Her Lady’s Hands Are Cold, about a bride of an arranged marriage hearing a song in the walls.  

I was really surprised to get to the author’s page and found out that she’s a married lesbian! The stories center hetrosexual characters, although, me being queer, I kept reimagining them with gay ships.

The art is extremely detailed, but not over detailed. There’s a few different simple color palettes that fit each story. It really works, even though I mostly read manga with a simpler style, maybe I just need to read more creepy stuff.

Out Of Salem

This was hecka queer. We have genderqueer zombie Z and their lesbian werewolf friend Aysel. Their elderly guardian is also a lesbian, and owns a bookshop that hosts werewolf support groups in a time where werewolves are being persecuted for some murders that happen during full moons.

I loved the analogy between the supernatural and the queer. Z’s feeling of decay were similar to my feelings of gender dysphoria. The feeling of distance, knowing that your body is not your own, and needing treatment to better look like yourself.

 The plot centers around both Z’s quest to decay slower and their community’s werewolf intolerance. Both lead them into trouble with the law, and puts their science teacher under house arrest for helping out.


Bread And Roses, Too

This is a rare white, hetero MG, and that’s because someone gave it to me for christmas. I’m not sure why, but thanks? 

It’s set during the Industrial Revolution’s Bread and Roses strike, a strike that lasted months and sent children to live with foster families. I think it would be a good read for elementary or middle school kids learning about the Industrial Revolution or capitalism in general. Might look around and drop this at a school.

Current Read: Stiff: The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers

I’m reading this pretty slowly; I started this over a week ago and I’m currently on page 68 of 292. The title is pretty descriptive, but also not; we’ve already covered face lifts, necrophilia, body theft and now researchers are positioning bodies outside to find out the details of the decay process.


Being back at a 4 year- it’s tough. It’s kinda sick that I’m homesick for a shelter, but those people are my friends. It was a smaller, closer community, despite being a severely under resourced community. 

 I have Writer’s group every sunday, but about half of the people have changed. I look forward to getting to know them, but also terrorfied. I hope I can get there a little early to find someone willing to be interviewed for a journalism assignment. 

I don’t expect to be able to read for fun very much in the upcoming months, but I have my eye on a few books for Blackathon- hosted by Jesse @Bowties And Books.  We’ll see how much I read during college! 

And this is a few hundred less than 1200 at 936 words. I guess I’ll have to practice to get ready for the assignment! 


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