Goodreads Recs

At 916 books, I really don’t need to add to my TBR. But I thought it’d be interesting to see what Goodreads recommends to me, even if I never read all of the books I want to read in this universe.



Bleeding Earth, Kaitlin Ward, 3.5 stars, pub 2015

While kinda low rated, the premise is very intriguing; the Earth is bleeding, but lesbians just want to be lesbians. And the covverrr!



Kissing The Witch, Emma Donoghue, 3.89 stars, pub 1993

Gay fairy tales; Cinderella with her Fairy Godmother and other lesbians that our fairy tales always needed. 

Graphic Novel


Megahex, Simon Hanselmann, 3.95 stars, pub 2014

This one I’m hesitant about because the reviews mention sexual assault, but it otherwise seems up my alley; weird, stoner fic that explores the inner workings of bums. I’m getting adult Bill and Ted vibes. 

Historical Fiction


Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, 3.66 stars, pub 1959

The description is vague, but it was a quote that got me interested:

“The drums were still beating, persistent and unchanging. Their sound was no longer a separate thing from the living village. It was like the pulsation of its heart. It throbbed in the air, in the sunshine, and even in the trees, and filled the village with excitement.” – Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart



Beautiful Darkness, Fabien Vehlmann, Kerascoët (Illustrator), Helge Dascher (Translator) 3.87 stars, pub 2009

This beautiful cover hides a sinister look at polite society. 



A Dirty Job, Christopher Moore, 4.07 stars, pub 2006

It seems like a perfectly ordinary man is now the grim reaper!



Copycat, Erica Spindler, 4.08 stars, pub 2000

Five years ago, three people were murdered. Now it looks like a copycat killer has come up- and the orignal murderer is willing to assist our detective in finding them. 



Now Panic And Freak Out, Various, 4.0 stars, pub 2010

Bad advice for good people; this book has quotations on why you should absolutely not keep calm and carry on. 



Saturday Night At The Pahala Theatre,Lois-Ann Yamanaka, 3.95 stars, pub 1993

This is a hawaiian poetry collection with a cool cover.

Young Adult


Between Shades Of Grey, Ruta Sepetys, 4.37, pub 2011

I have yet to read a Ruta Sepetys, and I really should. I remember Jenny Lawson writing about how this is her daughter’s favourite book and people would confuse it with the BDSM thing. This Shades Of Grey is set in WW2 with a teen that draws the horrific events.

And that’s it! Of course I won’t actually be able to tell if Goodreads recs works until I’ve read them, but they seem pretty cool.

Do you think your Goodreads recs are accurate? Have you read any of these?

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