I Match My Classes With Books!

I am *finally* returning to state this semester after two years. I will see remeet old friends, some about to graduate and some that also suffered leaves for various reasons. As is, I should graduate in 3 years with two summer classes, but we’ll see.

JMC Beginning Reporting 

This is a class all about asking strangers questions and writing them in a coherent way. We go out in pairs and find someone to ask a small set of preset questions ask expanding questions as we go. 

Book Of Joy

I haven’t talked a lot about this book, but the reason I say something now is it’s Q&A format. Douglas Abrams is asking the Dalai Lama XIV and his bff, Desmond Tutu a series of questions concerning joy. It taught me the importance of a gratitude journal, to remember to do things for the sake of doing them, and that simple things like pudding can be a great source of joy.

My Best Friend Made Me Read The Book Of Joy?!


JMC Intro To Multimedia 

This is something that I struggle with, especially the audio part. (Obviously I’m a great blogger.) It’s time consuming and hard to make a video and I applaud all of the booktubers and youtubers in general. There’s also photography involved, which I tend to be good with. 

Tash Hearts Tolstoy

Tash is an asexual youtuber working on a successful adaptation of the love of her life, Anna Karenina. She manages her team of actors while dealing with fame and how to date boys when you have no sexual desire. 

yo 057


I hate stats. It’s the only type of maths that I vaguely understand. I hope it will be useful to my work in some capacity, but forbid that I actually have to do any maths after this semester. 

The Sun Is Also A Star

I loved this book. It’s the only YA off the top of my head that interspaces its chapters with factual information concerning astronomy. I love how the main character is a logical person that wants to be a data scientist. 

PSCI Environmental Politics  

The course description is a little complicated, but basically we’re looking at environmental issues across different levels of society and how to implement policies to fit those challenges. This is required for a potential minor, Environmental Science Management. 

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency/ Hitchhiker’s Guide

I Love Douglas Adams. I love how everything is connected, how there’s little random bits that add up to create the end. I also love the Dirk Gently netflix adaptation that was unhappily canceled, so please complain to Netflix about that. It’s just weird and wonderful. 

What are your classes this semester? Do you know the perfect book that goes along with your favourite class? 

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