TIME Top 10 Songs!

Old Town Road

This song has been overplayed to death, but actually sitting down to watch the video put it in a new perspective. I liked the time traveling element. I don’t like Lil Nas X first beat drop, but it gets better over the course of the song.

Con Altua

This song is a bop! It made me want to get up and dance. It has been a while since high school spanish, so I didn’t really understand much, but the title means with height. I’ll be listening to it again, and practicing my spanish once i’ve calmed down from the beat. 

Welcome To The Party

This has a gravely sort of voice that draws you in with it’s somberness, but by tone of voice the singer is happy. There’s no captions, so I can’t say what it was about, beyond a party.


Ay-Ay-ee this has a good beat, and high self esteem while sharing her juice with others around her. I don’t quite understand the lyrics in the beginning, but you get the gist: the Juice is your natural power, what makes you shine. I like Lizzo’s other songs too, the ones I heard on SNL.

Don’t Start Now

I totally forgot that I listened to it before, which really marks it as a typical ‘f-you to your ex’ song. I think it hits harder during post-breakup time, when you’re trying to get them out of your head. I like New Rules better, it has more of a variation.

Crime Pays

It sounds a lot more pleasant when you can’t hear the lyrics. 

Too Much

I’ve felt like this, that I loved someone way more than was sane too, way more than could ever be reciprocated. It sounds more hopeful than the actual lyrics are. I know I'[ve listened to Rae before, but I can’t recall the song.

So Hot You Hurt My Feelings

The title is apt. The vid has a creepy-hell-gothic vibe, with Caroline dressed as a schoolgirl. The actual lyrics are straightforward, just a girl in a long-distance relationship trying and failing to hide her desire. Whoever directed this needs accolades. It looks like Caroline co-directed this with Matt Copson. 


The beat and her voice make me move- simmer I dare say. But when the boy cuts in all the sudden, it’s a bit of a scare- they go from soft red to dark blue and the guy is basically an arse. I’ll listen to Mahalia solo, she has a pleasing voice, calming.

Crowded Table

Just no. This is about to put me to sleep. If y’all have children you need to put to sleep, sing this song.

So those were hits and misses. I’ll be listening to Lizzo and Con Altua in the future, but my top 10 is drastically different from TIME’s top 10.

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