Read Bricks: My 2020 Reading Goal

Last Sunday I posted Oh No- I Have To Read The Biggest Book On My TBR- Magical Readathon which had the prompt to read a book with 500+ pages. Looking through Goodreads, I realized that I had several books with significantly more than that on the TBR.

My goal is to read at least three in the year, as I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself. The idea is that I’d read 1 brick and 1 short novella or poetry book a month, a spiritualist/ career or self development, whatever I need to read for school, and let the rest be an exploration. But I can’t plan what will happen, but I know I will at least have two or three months during summer plus winter break presumably free of school at least. But I can’t plan anything- maybe I’ll have a demanding job or summer course. So just three bricks.

The page numbers are derived from Goodreads, but may vary. Links to Indiebound, where you can support your local bookshop and your favorite blogger! My options:

The Secret History 559 pages

I’ve had this recommended to me a lot, since I’ve recently became a part of a cult. We get together to talk about books online and have all descended into evil a long time ago.

The Diviners 578 pages

I was surprised to find out that this book is a brick, at least according to Goodreads and the definition of 500+ pages. It’s an occult 1920’s novel- 1926 to be exact- almost a whole century gone when I’ll be reading this. I know a lot of people love this, and it sounds like something I’ll love too.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf 620 pages

This has been pitched as African Game Of Thrones. A tracker joins a ragtag group in search of a boy that disappeared three years earlier. It’s surprisingly shorter that I thought it would be, but still long enough to fit this.

The Interpretation Of Dreams 630 pages

Due to personal psychological reasons, I had to drop out of psychology, but I’ve always had a fascination with dreams, like most people. I know Freud isn’t exactly the best, but he’s the most well-known. 

Helter Skelter 689 pages

Because Charles Manson is the serial killer I’m most fascinated by. Yes, Ted manipulated the women of America into a defense of him driven by sexual desire, but Charles manipulated women into murder.

The Historian 704 pages

Old Letters and Dracula.

Under The Dome 1070 pages

I could’ve chosen The Stand, or another from a host of King bricks, but this one grabbed my attention. It’s like The Simpsons Movie. Y’know, Springfield gets cut off from the rest of the world. This town gets cut off from the rest of the world. 

The Count Of Monte Cristo  1276 pages

This is a brick that I’ve heard a lot about and have wanted to read for a while. A dude wrongfully convicted learns of a treasure inside the prison and launches a plan to find it and take his revenge. 


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