Yuri On Ice Memes///College Problems

I’ve recently received some devastating news college-wise, so I thought it was a good time to get out the good gay memes.YVYRespo

Basically, I was under the impression that my admission would be dependent on the grades in my current classes at a community college. They even notified me of what my financial aid would be. But now they’re saying I don’t meet a few requirements and need to take at least one more semester at JC. It’s been really confusing because multiple people have told me different things throughout the entirety of my journey back to a 4 year. 


A lot of people are offering suggestions as what to do. I could move near my 4 year and take classes at their community college. It would limit miscommunication and hopefully give me a clearer path back. I could stay in my hometown and take classes at our local JC, which is what I’ve been doing. It’s cheaper and I get more emotional support. I could forgo the college thing and look for a journalism program or internship that may lead into a career. It’s a lot to consider.


I’m really tired of it all. My reasons for going to a 4 year have changed. My family is one of those college-or-die types, and most journalists in magazines have an education, Master’s recommended. So I went fresh out of high school, misguidedly thinking I was straight, to a nice but not prestigious college a 6 hour drive from my hometown. I got various kinds of sick, so I left. 


 I started taking local JC classes because of FASFA problems that prevented me from returning to my 4-year. It was around $250 out of pocket, which I paid for with money I was earning at a tree planting organization. Alas, work, mental health, and school did not work at the time, so I withdrew from psychology,  quit my job a month in, and failed history but passed logic. This is the semester my denial is based on. I had a 1.0 GPA.


So yeah. I’m going to focus on doing well in my current two classes, Bio and Comm. It should be over in about a month. I know that if I’m going to take classes, I need to register soon. 

 Thanks for listening. If I’m giving advice, it’s try to be realistic about what you can handle. And be absolutely sure as to what your college requirements are before attempting to fulfill them. Talk to a person at the school, that knows what they’re talking about.

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