In Which I Bomb You With Mini Reviews

Like A Love Story

The overall theme of this late ’80s historical novel is that gay people are afraid of AIDS. Queers just want to be able to live and love freely without worrying about getting sick and dying, but Big Pharma is run by racist, sexist homophobes. It follows three teens: Art, who’s very proudly out and proud of his camera. There’s Judy, who’s little more than the straight best friend. I keep trying to tell myself that her whininess was justified, but it’s quite selfish of her to assume that Reza is straight just because she has a crush on him. Then there’s Reza, who came from Canada from Iran. he’s not fond of his new stepfather and stepbrother, and he’s terrified of being himself because gay people don’t really exist in Iran and the first thing he found out about being gay was AIDS.

Everything Leads To You

 It has a slow start, I didn’t actually start enjoying until I saw Cece’s Favorite F/F books and immediately started enjoying it more. I was already deep into it, when it turns less slow burn and more hopeless gay angst. I love hopeless gay angst, and was just screaming at the girls to get together. It’s about a junior set designer in LA finding a letter from an old, recently dead movie star and trying to find the recipient. It made me think a little more about symbolism, because it goes on  a long rant about how this old couch was perfect for a scene but was overruled by her boss. It is a mystery, so I can’t say much more, but it’s really good if you like F/F romances, Hollywood, and reading good books.

The Stars And The Blackness Between Them

Audre is sent to live with her dad in Minneapolis after being caught with her girlfriend in her religious Trinidad community. She remeets an old friend Mabel, who has been sick for a while. They start doing herbal and spiritual remedies that include being connected to their zodiac signs- Audre is a Scorpio and Mabel is an Aquarius. Mabel starts writing to a prisoner after reading his book, who is also into spiritualism and the zodiac. His inclusion did seem random at first, but it makes sense by the end.


This is so slow paced! It’s also jarring to suddenly read Straight White Dude lit after a significant amount of time of reading anything else. It was a good-ish book about a Londoner falling through the cracks to London Below after rescuing a member of their elite from bleeding on the sidewalk. London Below is filled with cunning thieves and scum, some with abilities like Door, who can open a door to anywhere with the right key. They’re trying to find out what happened to Door’s family and how to get Richard back to London Above while being chased by a pair of assassins.

Opposite Of Always

Over and over, Kate keeps dying. Over and over, Jack falls for her. I love death. I love time travel. It’s strange that they never explain the mechanics of the traveling, but they make it work nonetheless. It’s written in realistic teen speak, and that’s about all I can say cause I read it several months ago. It’s a good, but traumatic book.

As I Descended

This is a queer retelling of Macbeth. I love queers and Shakespeare retellings, but this fell a little because of the writing and lack of character depth. There’s an Ouija board summoning, madness, roommate girlfriends, power struggle, and death. This is morally grey gays, out for themselves.


🙂 See My Beloved Carmilla 🙂

I love my vampire girlfriend. 

Read any of these? Any of these you want to read? 

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Note, I may be affected by the CA power outages, and thus may not post indefinitely. I’m glad PG&E is being provocative, even if it is an inconvenience. More time to read if there’s no computer!

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