Playing Nostalgic Games For The First Time

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Paperboy– I am confused. It seems pretty simple- toss the papers and try not to get hit by a car or taken by a sewage monster.

I have no idea what I’m doing and I keep dying. the instructions say “If you grew up in the 80’s you shouldn’t need additional gameplay instructions.” Well, then. I did not. Did they just memorize the route in 2 seconds? What do the flashing newspapers mean- that they already got their paper, or they need a paper?


Spyro- I cannot figure out the controls! This is definitely a game meant to be played with a game controller, and has difficulty computing on a computer. 

In what I have done, an evil dragon petrified the good dragons and Spyro has to wake them up. There’s also a fairy. I would definitely try this again on  a playstation, but I’m more Atari. 



Oh, Oh, Oh! KILL.

Yeah, I like this game.

The vegan of me says I shouldn’t, but it looks so little like a real centipede that I’m cool with killing it. For reference, I was disgusted by the animated frog dissection in high school.


Crash Bandicoot

If I didn’t just see Dan and Phil play this, I would’ve been so lost. Crash Bandicoot is basically walking through a landmine and you have to jump on all on the unmarked boxes. TNT means it will blow up in 3 seconds, ! means you die instantly. I kept falling off of cliffs and running into !s. As a joke, probably it says W O W  Y O U  D I D N ‘ T   S U C K when I died the last time.

It was fun!

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Let me know if there’s any other games you’d like to hear about! Are you a phannie?

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