There’s a recent thing going on in twitter saying that there are no F/F OTPs. Destiel might be more mainstream, but truly devoted shippers can find OTPs everywhere, from Gilmore Girls (Paris/Rory), Star Wars (Rey/Rose) and Marvel (Okoye/ Black Widow, Gamora/Black Widow)

 My OTP, as spoiled by the cover image, is Morgana/Gwen from Merlin! Gwen has been Morgana’s servant and close friend for years. Even though Gwen is someone who’s technically there to make sure Morgana’s fed and her rooms are clean, they care and worry about each other. Gwen wakes up Morgana when she has nightmares and Morgana checks in when Gwen’s dad dies. 



I love Morgana’s character earlier in the series because she has more nuance; she’s rebellious against Uther, snarky towards Arthur, and caring towards Gwen. Exile and revenge turned her into little more than a caricature, and while I love evil she doesn’t really have a reason to want the throne.

 I am not Gwen’s biggest fan, because I don’t believe in Arthur/Gwen as a distraction from Merthur and their personalities don’t fit. She is a caring person that makes good decisions as queen, but what’s the point of being a good queen if the king overshadows you? What needed to happen was for Morgana to inherit the throne, bringing peace for all magical beings, and then marrying Gwen. 


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As queens, Morgana would use dark magic to help Camelot, Gwen would keep track of the human causalities, and Merthur would try to live out a peaceful life at home but would be dragged into the dark magic messes. Morgana ultimately finds a balance between dark magic and light, but not before testing Gwen’s patience and willingness to take total control of the throne.

Who’s your F/F OTP? 

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