Yuri v Yuri: Rivals In Career And Love

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Yuri! On Ice is a gay ice skating anime following Yuri from Japan as he competes with Yuri (or Yurio, as he’s called in Japan) for Victor and the gold.

 Cats become symbolic for Yurio’s fans; he’s angsty, pretty, graceful, and while he takes a while to warm up, he can be affectionate when he does. At 15, he’s the youngest in this year’s ice skating championship, and he must win. He taps (demands) Victor to create a program and coach him.

 Katsudon is Yuri’s cat. It’s a dish that he’s not allowed to eat else he gain too much weight for the ice. He’s getting old for a skater, but he’s determined to make it to the world championship after a humiliating defeat last year. He’s admired Victor since forever, and he’s finally paying attention to him! Maybe a little too much attention…

tenor (2)

Despite being rivals are the Yuris becoming friends? Does Yurio even like anyone? Is Yurio giving Yuri food? That he cooked? 


 But unfortunately, even the most hardcore rivals can’t always compete against each other. Yurio is whisked off to compete in separate competitions while Yuri competes against numerous competitors; JJ, an arrogant idiot that has never lost,  Pichit, Yuri’s friend from previous years of ice skating, Micky, who is unhealthily dependent on his sister, and others.

 Skating is how everyone expresses themselves. Victor pushes both Yuri and Yurio outside of their comfort zones with programs more to the style of their rival. Yurio must perform Agape, the softer side of love, while Yuri must do Eros, the sexual kind of love. They both grow as people and as skaters, while always determined to best the other and become the #1 male skater in the world!


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