What’s An Unusual Character? MERLIN!!!

i-heart-characters-spring-featured I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters!Feel free to post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love and link up on the prompt post. ♡I love Merlin.

 I don’t think most characters are unusual. I mean, yeah, it’s in the definition of “unusual” but even the characters you don’t see in everyday life tend to, in some way, be influenced by stereotypes. Take Gandalf and Dumbledore; they’re both the wise old mentor archetype. In my IRL experience, my mentors are 5-15 years older than me and tend to teach by kindness and examples, not with wise sayings and kind of dying. But it’s a type of character that’s in most fantasy books.

 What does Merlin make you think of? Do you picture an old man with a long beard in a star-patterned nightgown? Do you think of the Magic Treehouse series? Did you read Once And Future and picture an adorkable redheaded gay?  Are you in the early 2000s Merlin- wait, it’s from 2008-2012. I thought it was older. Anyways, I pretty much start with Netflix Merlin and work my way back.


 Merlin is interesting, because in whichever version you picture, he will turn into Dumbledore at some point. That’s a pretty common character. Eccentric, yes, but you  recognize him in various forms throughout fantasy- even Netflix Merlin has Gaius, who is basically the Merlin archetype who mentors Merlin as a youth.

 But in both young Merlin forms he’s this awkward boi that just wants to protect his Arthur and change fate. Most awkward bois actively try to avoid adventure, making Merlin fresh and unusual. Eventually he’ll grow into the all-knowing old guy we all know, but for now, hold him close to your heart and protecc the soft boi with dragon fire.

Sorry if the internetspeak is distracting, It just feels like it expresses the feels I feel for this boi.


Firstly, I’m going to convince you to watch Merlin, and secondly, I’m going to convince you to read Once and Future, if you haven’t already. 

 Merlin is gay.

Once and Future is also gay.

Still not convinced? Don’t know why you wouldn’t be, but I’ll tell you a little more about them.

giphy (10)

 Merlin is not explicitly gay. It’s similar to X-Men with how people live with their powers; magic is banned, the people who live with it are prosecuted. King Uther lost his wife, Arthur’s mum to SORCERY and is personally offended by any kind of magic, even the benign kind that shapes smoke and heals people. Merlin, and most people, believes that Arthur will make a fairer kingdom where gays  people with magic can live peacefully. So he sasses Arthur with his wisdom while pretending to be a simple servant.

Also, most gays  people ship Merlin/Arthur/ Merthur and Guinevere/ Morgana. I don’t think anyone ships the actual Gwen/Arthur thing in this fandom.

And there’s a dragon voiced by a Doctor. 

If you don’t want to see it now, I don’t know why you find this blog appealing.



  Kay, Ara’s brother, might be the only straight person in this book. And Merlin might be the only white one. They don’t use labels for their sexualities, except for ace. They do use fluid. 

 It’s basically the old story set in space.

 Diversity, space, the cover…


The evil of this galaxy is the Mercer corporation. They control everything, from water, goods, how much you have to buy. What they don’t control, they’re trying to acquire to control. So if you like a good FIGHT THE CORPORATE ENTITY…

If you don’t like any of this, this isn’t the content for you. Why did you make it to the end of this? I really need to paint my tiger heading queer so lost souls like you don’t waste your time.



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2 thoughts on “What’s An Unusual Character? MERLIN!!!

  1. Hahaha Merlin from Merlin is perfect!! I totally get what you’re saying about unusual characters… there is always a way to group them. But at the same time I love how you chose the unusual Merlins from the hundreds that exist and that you share all your gay love with us. ❤️ These are so fun to read Brittany.

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