Bookstagram vs Book Twitter vs Booktube vs The Book Blogging Community

 While I still have a lot to learn about bookstagram It’s by far the calmest part of the book internet. Book world? Cyberbookspace? Online book community? Doesn’t have a ring to it, but makes the most sense.

 Instagram  itself is designed to be calming. Lazily scrolling, tapping twice, and the ads aren’t nearly as infuriating as say, on YouTube. When creating a post, a simple background will do, and the more artistically inclined are free to scatter sparkles and create fanart, and whatnot.

 Everyone has an Instagram right now. I was very slow to get on the bandwagon, and while it’s nice, I don’t see the hype. Outside of the book and nature communities, it’s mostly selfies and food. Who wants to look at selfies and food? Everyone but me, apparently. 

Tho I suppose those people think the same about bookstagram.

Book twitter is a site of daily scandal, teasing authors, calls for diversity, one line quotes and laments for TBRs. It’s a place where people who love books occasionally talk about life, politics, pop culture, and stuffposts.

I’ve been on this the longest, with this blog in close second. I find this mostly funny, with a light dose of horrible news and neutral news that hilariously gets blown out of proportion.

 Take the recent scandal, an agent tweeted “YA is almost un-sellable. Ask yourself: why is my book YA? You may find that it does not need to be.”

There was backlash. Some thought she was saying this because of the rise of POC authors and stories, some thought she was just too incompetent to sell YA. 

 She later tweeted “By ‘unsellable’ I meant it’s difficult to break out new authors to publishers because the market is oversaturated. Clearly readers are still buying lots of YA, but there’s also already a lot to buy.” @hannahbowman

It’s understandable why people were confused, but there wasn’t any ill intent. Can we save the rage for people who actually deserve it, like the writer who stalked a reviewer?

 BookTube is the one social media I’ve yet to actually have a platform on, so enjoy Kat’s channel. 

  BookTube means reading vlogs, wrap-ups, challenges, reviews you don’t want to skip over. It’s where I get most of my book recommendations and just listen to people cringing through books that they don’t want to read, but they already started vlogging.  

 That’s actually the best and the most ‘why’ part. Why do you put yourself through this suffering so that I can happily watch you suffer? There are people like Insane Reader who base their channels solely on this. It’s a good crash course on how not to write, and a good laugh.

Book Blogs: You’re reading one

 This is the area that requires the most dedication from me. Since I’m not a booktuber yet I don’t have to worry about video quality, but I do have to worry about what to write, whether I need to finish a book to write it, is this the right time to write it, have there been similar posts recently, have I read all of the other blogs that I wanted to, should I have commented on that post, why is my blog not pretty like theirs, were my pictures good enough, and arrgh.

This is also the most rewarding. I love writing, I love reading books and reading about books. I love making online friends. I love how genuinely  supportive and friendly people are in this space. 

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What are your pros and cons of online bookish spaces? 

Published by TanyX Goffy

I am an author, poet, and playwright. My current WIPs are a doppelganger Dark Academia and sad vampires. I blog about YA LGBTQIAP+ books, with the occasional straight person book for diversity. They/them Wishlist:

7 thoughts on “Bookstagram vs Book Twitter vs Booktube vs The Book Blogging Community

  1. Honestly I love Instagram because its so easy to find and comment on different bloggers photos. It’s not as easy with actual blogs. I do love my blog though. I finally have it looking like I want it (though never say never) but its certainly a process and of course you grow and change as the days pass. I haven’t tried vlogs yet… I need to watch this phenomena you talk of. 😀 Great post Brittany!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never know what to say in Instagram comments.If someone asks a question in their post, it’s easier to answer it, but most of the comment are ‘great post!’ and then I’ll look off for answering it.I don”t really like saying things like ‘great post!’ because it’s so vague.
      Your blog is so organized! I like the boxes the posts appear in.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love, love blogging! I am more present there than anywhere else. Instagram is a fun place and it helped me develope my photography and graphic skills. Though I have taken a loooooong hiatus since my new place is not good enough for it haha anyways, I think one of the most underrated platforms for book blogging are podcasts! I recently got into it and have been devouring one after another.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Huh. I don’t personally listen because I need to see it to pay attention to it, but most of the podcasts I’ve heard of are fictional world type stuff.
      The place I’m staying in is pretty bad so I usually drape blankets in the background.


  3. Not everyone is on insta, I’m not ! (well, for blogging purpose, anyway 😂) I also do not plan on joining the hype because frankly … I am NOT creative at my core at all so it end up pissing me off more than anything else ahah

    Twitter has a LOT of drama going on, all the time. but that’s what I end up scrolling and looking at the most – that and blogs, of course. Booktuber… I kind of grew tired of youtube all together and mainly only watch it with my boyfriend and his videos (or like, few times a week i’d really watch youtuber’s video and not like, music.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woah, I have no control like that. I’ts why my TBR is so huge.
      Yeah, all of the pretty, elaborate photos look like they take hours to make. Sure they’re pretty- but is it really worth it?


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