Non-Contemporary May Wrap-up!

 Hello, fellow readers! Rather expectedly, everything I finished was queer. I picked up two straight books and DNF’d both of them. I reviewed the contemporary reads of the month already because it’s my favorite genre, but I do read outside of it. 

57267802_138515267226846_9100267067647816689_nThe Giddy Deaths Of The Gays And The Strange Demise Of The Straights, Redfern Jon Barret 6/12 Satire 

 This is a weird one. I honestly don’t know how to describe this book in relation to other books (if you liked x, read y) so here goes.

 Rutti is the most interesting character, but zie is mostly shadowed by Dom, Caroline, and Richard’s polyam/ love triangle. Yes, love triangles and poly relationships are different things, but it takes the trio some getting used to. But first, a gay bar burned down and Rutti was kicked out of the apartment. Anyway, Caroline and Dom are in a happy relationship when Dom develops romantic, non-sexual love for his new roomie Richard. Time jumps forward to marriage and dying.

In other words, it’s queer and somewhat confusing.

Mundo Cruel, Luis Negron  8/12 Satire

I need to break the rating down for this one. I have a system of grading the plot, characters, writing and setting. Each gets X/3 points, wherein I add it up for a total of X/12.



Writing: 3

Setting: 3

 It’s plotless, the characters are stereotypes and spokespeople, but the writing is beautiful and the setting, man, is the whole reason why I picked up this book. I’ve been exploring an idea I have for a Puerto Rican protagonist, so I want to read more books by Puerto Rican authors. It’s a total coincidence that it’s gay. It’s a short collection of stories about the queer community in Puerto Rico. There is sex and homophobia. Why do I like this book? He’s a really good writer.


Heavy Vinyl, Carly Usdin, Nina Vakueva  10/12 Graphic Novel

This is just so cute. As I said in my Goodreads review,

Super cute music loving queer girls fight club ❤️


Once And Future, Amy Rose Capetta, Cori McCarthy 9/10 Fantasy

This is a retelling of King Arthur of the Round Table.

But in a sci-fi dystopia where it’s more normal than not to be queer.

If that doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what will.

If you have read it, and want to know my thoughts, they are:

I love Merlin.

How do you like this format? Should I always break down my ratings into their subcategories? How do you like these books? 


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    1. The words ‘death’ and ‘demise’ always spice up a title. I’ve already picked up an Alice Oseman and I think she’s been inside my head. I hope you have a good reading month too!

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