April Autistic Asexual Avengers

April was a pretty good reading month! Between Dear Evan Hansen, Queens Of Geek and Radio Silence, I had a hard time choosing my #1. But it is Queens Of Geek!


The main reason for the goodness was all of the contemporary. I read not two or three, but FIVE contemporaries. All of which were queer, one of which (Queens Of Geek) has Asperger’s rep.

The other three I read were Where’d You Go Bernadette?, a satire by Maria Semple, The Call, a horror by Peadar O’Guilin, and Generation Witch, a manga by Uta Isaki. Regretfully, I didn’t read any mysteries or sci-fi/fantasy, something I hope to make up for in May.

April had three reading challenges, which mostly got buried my TBR. There was #AutisticPrideReadathon, which I read Queens Of Geek for. There was #AvengersReadathon19 , which I read The Call and Where’d You Go, Bernadette? for. And lastly, there was Aspec April, which I didn’t find out about until the last week. But I was already reading Radio Silence, so YaY! 


Radio Silence has been on my TBR for a long while, as it’s one of my favorite booktuber’s favourite book. It follows Frances and Aled as they figure out what they want concerning university while listening to a sci-fi podcast called Universe City. Frances is openly bisexual but acts very ace, and Aled comes out as demisexual. I didn’t love it as much as…as.. Radio Silence Girl.

Seriously, I couldn’t remember that her name is Kat. She says “Radio Silence” more than she says her own name. 

I loved it, I just loved it a little less than I was hyped up to believe that I would. It’s a lonely book about societal expectations and being yourself. I don’t believe that I should’ve read this book, because there’s a lot of  scorn for the university experience and I’m trying very hard to just pass JC classes. University isn’t for everyone, but as someone who intends to eventually own a magazine company, it’s kinda necessary. But dull. 

Here’s some links to people who were more devoted to each readathon, rather than all of them at once:




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