TBR: Tragic Book Ruins

If you’re wondering why, I haven’t been posting much, it’s because I haven’t finished any books.

giphy (7)

I am still reading. I just haven’t read since I finished Highly Illogical Behaviour three days ago. (The only book I’ve read this month.)  (I usually read two per week.) 

Ok, fine, maybe it’s not that bad. But 


And I went to the library today.


Check out my desk.


I’m not counting, there’s too many. But I can only read three books at a time, and that’s if they’re interesting enough to remember, settled enough to put down, and intriguing enough to pick back up.


The Call, Dear Evan Hansen, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette? mostly fit the criteria. The Call’s narration seems a bit immature for the subject of teens being Called to their gruesome deaths, but you can get Called as soon as 11, so I guess it’s the younger, scottish sibling of The Hunger Games.

I didn’t explicitly hear that Dear Evan Hansen is gay, but I heard it being ranted about in queer book circles, so I just assumed someone was gay? I think Conner had a boyfriend, but I’m only halfway through. The boy in the photo could just be a friend. I don’t know yet, but I hope it’s a boyfriend, otherwise it might be his pot supplier. ANYWAY It’s great depression and antisocial rep. Plus, the power of wording in a letter.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? reminds me of Crazy Rich Asians, in the chaotic drama sense. It’s about Bee and Bernadette’s family, and the woman who hates them. I think I just got to the part where Bernadette disappears, and honestly, I don’t blame her. The Gnat was breaking the law, and Bernadette was more than accommodating. I do think she could use some help/therapy.

 I DNF’d We Set The Dark On Fire because I wasn’t loving it. (Prepares for dodgeball) I read up to the wedding and I could clearly see what was going to happen; the girls were going to have a secret love affair while blowing up the patriarchy. The writing wasn’t very smooth, I could feel the author chanting “What would a teen say? What would a teen say?” and it came off like Bella Swan wrote it. 

Maybe I’m only being hard on myself because the TBR is so big. But these are books that I’m excited to read! Queen Of Geek has an autistic character and an f/f romance! The music Of What Happens is gay in the ’80s! Evelyn Hardcastle gets killed everyday!

I want to read so much and I just *sobs* 

giphy (8).gif

There’s too many books. There. Are. Too. Many. Books. I. Want. Right. Now.

It’s like the guy who was cursed to spend eternity trapped in a lake, unable to drink water except for the one time Persephone generously held water to his lips. I love the water She’s granting me, but I’m very aware of all of the water surrounding us that I’ll never be able to drink.

I love books.

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