My Favourite Books Are Depressing And Gay

tenor (1)I haven’t been around much this month! For personal reasons, I’ve been working on other things in my life, and it may still affect how often I post in the future. But now, lets talk about my favourite books of the year thus far!


If We Were Villains, M.L. Rio: Seven seniors at a cultish liberal arts college perform Shakespeare throughout the year, seven that is, until one of them is found dead in the lake. The person that everyone had a reason to want dead.

The queer rep doesn’t become explicit until later in the book, as it’s a slow, dawning realization that Oliver is in love with James. It’s one that speaks to how I found out that I’m queer; slowly, then all at once.

Darius The Great Is Not Ok, Adib Khorram: Darius visits his grandparents in Iran for the first time, while suffering from clinical depression and befriends a soccer player. Let me insert my goodreads review here:

I picked it up under the assumption that it was gay. I’m not sure who told me that, but I can’t really be mad at them because even on the last page it sounded like Darius was trying to come out. But don’t pick it up thinking it’s gay.
Pick it up knowing that this book helped someone through a bout of crushing depression. Pick it up knowing it made a vegan crave a pastry she’d never seen nor heard of, and possibly will never eat because it has egg. Pick it up knowing that Darius The Great Is Not Ok, but it’s ok to not be ok

Autoboyography, Christina Lauren: Tanner is a closeted bisexual falling for the bishop’s son in Utah. He needs to write a book for class, but all he can write about is him, Sebastian, who can’t imagine putting his love for Tanner over his love for the church.

As a polytheist who is normally uncomfortable when someone brings up religion, I can say it was done in enough detail to learn about Mormon life but didn’t make me uncomfortable. I wish there was a little less focus on Mormon and more on the Seminar and writing, but I loved this book. It’s a cute but hard read, because Sebastian didn’t fully accept his sexual orientation until pretty late, and it ended in a bit of a mess. That’s life, I guess. But the ending just didn’t feel whole, complete. 

What other books would go well with these? What are your favourite queer contemporaries? 

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