Book Blogger Memory Challenge

Rules: You must answer these questions without looking anything up on the internet and without looking at your bookshelves.

1. Name a book written by an author called Michael.


Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton

2. Name a book with a dragon on the cover.


A Natural History of Dragons, a memoir by Lady Trent

3. Name a book about a character named George


Curious George. Too easy. Although now I realize how freaking problematic this was. Taking a monkey out of the jungle for a pet? You’re an entitled arse, Man In The Yellow Hat. 

4.Name a book by an author with the surname Smith

Ugh. Uh. Uuuhhhggg. Zuask, Noah, King. I got nothing.

5. Name a book set in Australia.


I just read one! Something About Murder, a Carol Ashton mystery. No, that’s not the title. I can look at goodreads if I know the book but not the full title, right?

Lessons In Murder, by Claire Mcnab.

6. Name a book with the name of a month in the title.

January Embers? Is that a book or a poem? It’s the poem from IT. Um…

Well, I got nothing.


7. Name a book with a knife on the cover.

I Am Not A Serial Killer has slashes… My Sister Is A Serial Killer has a prominent knife in the book but a girl on the cover… Misery has an axe…

Hmmm, even with all the murder books I read, I can’t think of one that specifically has a knife on the cover.

8. Name a book with the word ‘one’ in the title.

Once is in the Eve series… One Day At A Time is a canceled Netflix show… And Then There Were None… 

This tag is hard.

9. Name a book with an eponymous title.

Ha, Eve. Already thought of book two, here’s book one.

10. Name a book turned into a movie.


The Fault In Our Stars, The Hate U Give, The Hobbit, Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, there’s too many! All of them!

I tag you! Think of answers without google or goodreads. What do you think of when given these questions? 

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