Good Riddance To Fe-Bleh-Ary!

I don’t often do wrap-ups, but surviving February has always been an accomplishment for me. It’s when my SAD is the worst, a combination of disappointment that things haven’t gotten better, and previous february trauma. 

 I’ve read 13 books thus far this year, 6 in January and 7 in February. My favourite books were also my favourite books; If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio and Darius The Great Is Not Ok, by Adib Khorram. 

My favourite books are depressing and gay.

 A notable trend that I want to continue is books from the ’80s. Books from that era tend to have a dry rawness that reflects that the authors grew up during the ’60s. I want to explore the whole block really- from 1950s-2000. Stephen King started writing, sci-fi started booming (for allocishet white men), and in non-fiction the major movements started publishing- feminism, racism, and environmentalism.

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 I’ve seen Top 10 Tuesday posts forever, but always skimmed them. If they don’t tell me anything substantial about the books, why should I care? Even if there was a description of the books, I often skim them in search of something I have read or already want to read.

 But what the heck. The prompt was interesting and I wanted to do something different. And it was so much fun! I kept trying to think of places that weren’t a part of the wizarding world, because I knew everyone would have somewhere from Harry Potter. And I was right because I’m psychic. I even learned something- Mirtha Y Martha, the sunken island cemetery in Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue, is based on a real sunken cemetery. Camiguin’s sunken cemetery in the Philippines was flooded by Vulcan’s eruptions in 1780-1785. When I finish my book you better buy it so that I can afford to go there.


I also found some new blogs to follow!

Reading In Bed lists underrated books from the past.

Inspired Chaos lists awful fantasy tourist destinations.

Happy reading! What were your favourite books this month?


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