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 I’m starting to think I’m too obsessed with Supernatural.

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 If I start writing fanfic, the first thing I will write about is the reincarnation of Crowley in the form of Destiel’s daughter. In all his years as a friend of Team Free Will, the only time anyone expressed joy with his existence was in a photograph with Demon! Dean. (Why do we put exclamation after Demon! and Leviathan!?) Sam the Moose is the only one to express hatred towards him, but he’s the only friend to not receive smiles and hugs. Random hunters that show up for one episode and die get more affection than Crowley. If I lived in the bunker, I’d throw tea parties every time we summoned Crowley.


Crowley fought his way out of being an abandoned human boy named Fergus. He climbed his way up from demon to King Of The Crossroads, and then snached the oppotunity to become King Of Hell when the Princes Of Hell were dead or disinterested. Only to be poisoned with human blood by the Winchesters, turning him into a blood addict with…


 I relate to Crowley because he wants friends, and has friends, for all intents and purposes. But they hate his species and way of life, making him insecure and vulnerable every time his mother taunts him about the Winchesters. And at some point he apparently tortured them but I honestly don’t remember because he’s done good and loyal things for the Winchesters. Sam apparently does remember, and can’t see that he named him Moose out of affection. Crowley loves Team Free Will and desperately wants to be on the team. But he’s King Of Hell and has duties, even if he hates Hell and is bored with being King. 

 If I were an SPN writer, Destiel would give birth to a daughter, who’d gradually start having flashbacks of a place called Hell. The Winchesters would love her and she’d love them. When they realize that she’s Crowley, Dean will be annoyed, Cass will be amused, and Sam will have a character arc of hating Crowley but loving his niece. Because, after all,


 His second or third death worries me. What if he doesn’t come back? What would he even do if he came back? What do Kings Of Hell even do when they retire? Would Team Free Will even respect him, think that he “died” as a joke, and ignore him while he was trying to figure out the rest of his life? But I know what I’d give to have him back.


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6 thoughts on “Crowley, King Of Hell-I Heart Characters

    1. It has deteriorated in the past few years, and what happened in the other universe made me realise they haven’t had many really good episodes for a while. But at this point they feel like family and I am destined to watch them spiral downwards.
      I do have hope for Crowley. Everyone else gets multiple lives, why not him?

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  1. Hahahha oh my Tanya…. this is so good!! Hahahah I love where you would have taken the story. I feel like your fandom of Supernatural is so clear and beautiful. I do really love Crowley for all his grey morality and how he can swing back and forth between enemy and friend to the Winchesters. One of the best things about Supernatural is how they use returning characters in fun and interesting ways. ❤ BTW You found the absolute BEST gifs of Crowley… 😉

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