Smarter Brothers-I Heart Characters

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! I post my characters on Thursdays, but feel free to post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on the prompt post. ♡

This week’s prompt, Beloved Sibling, make me instantly think of Sam Winchester. But this blog’s byline does not say Books, Life, SUPERNATURAL. It says Books, Life, SHERLOCK. But Sam and Mycroft have a lot in common. 



Sam and Mycroft have small but deadly doses of sass they use almost imperceptibly. It doesn’t quite gain them the attention they deserve, but it let’s you know that they’re there.



All of the Holmes and Winchesters have high IQs, even Dean, who pretends he doesn’t read. But Mycroft and sam are arguably smarter than their brothers, and inarguably smarter when it comes to books.



Despite their vast intelligence, Sam and Mycroft aren’t often known to have lives. Sherlock and Dean steal their respective shows, and both brothers are happy to let them. Mycroft hates humans, as he should, and Sam’s just quiet.

I think Sam and Mycroft deserve their own shows, or at least given more time on their brothers’ shows. What does Mycroft actually do? Why did Sam stay with a married woman for a year and then act like it had no impact on him? What was Sam like on the road with Ruby? Where is Mycroft hiding the Daleks? We’ll never know because their brothers steal the show.



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5 thoughts on “Smarter Brothers-I Heart Characters

  1. I keep forgetting, but I really want to join this meme every once in a while. I apologize as I have never watched Supernatural. It looks like a lot of fun though, so maybe I will binge watch it in the future. It might take a while though, doesn’t it have an astonishing amount of seasons. I’m amazed.

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  2. Hey Tanya! I love this post… sorry I read it right after you linked up but got up from the computer and just now got back to the tab again. I LOVE this post… but I am also a Supernatural fan and agree they are family. I also LOVE Mycroft in this rendition of Sherlock. There is something to be said about the smarter brothers… I have very charismatic siblings so totally understand how these two feel… ❤

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    1. I haven’t seen Mycroft done well in any other adaptations. The one in the RDJ movies is crazy and doesn’t have much of a personality, and the others I can think of don’t have him at all. A waste.


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