General Update- Why I DNF’d

 I am not well. I have SCID, which if you don’t know about it, you are fortunate. It’s severe-

 Shit, I mean SAD. SAD! If you don’t know what SCID is, it means you haven’t read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, which is very unfortunate. Read it. Now. The only reason I kept that mistake was to recommend it. Or rather, to demand that you read it.

 So I have SAD. Some people just feel more depressed in winter, some, well, off themselves. Most do it in the spring, despite the common myth that more people die during the holidays.

 For me, it’s usually the worst in February, but judging by how I feel in the middle of December, eehhh, that would not be good. It’s bad.

 It’s affecting my reading and writing. I DNF’d three books- Dorothy Must Die, Muse Of Nightmares, and… I can’t remember. It’s DNF’d. I liked the ideas, the stories. I want to go back to Muse Of Nightmares eventually, because I keep thinking about Kora and Nova.   

Their story is part of the seraphim origin, and explains more about powers. This is the most fascinating part, but it’s only three chapters in the 300 pages that I read. The rest of it drags with the godspawn that we know from Strange The Dreamer and a slightly faster bit from Nero. The significant differences in the pace and content were so frustrating! It might’ve been boring if I was in an OK mood, but I’m in a picky, depressed, mood swinging mood, so I gave up because Laini should’ve just wrapped up the godspawn story in one book, and make this entire book a prequel. 

 I put down Dorothy Must Die because the writing. Was. So. Bad. The author is an amateur. It had the right elements for my mood- dark, supernatural, villains. But we all know how this story goes, and if it isn’t well written, I’m not gonna waste my time with it. But maybe I will next fall.

 As for the third, unknown book, it must be really bad and no part of me wants to read it so it is lost to me forever. Unless…

Oh, wait. It’s an outdated book on writing. Not gonna read that when there’s so many updated good ones, like How To Write A Damn Good Novel, and possibly the one I’m currently reading, Bird By Bird.

 I’m still reading A Quiet Kind Of Thunder, which is a lighthearted romance I picked up for the doomed General Update: Native American & Disability Reading ChallengeI DNF’d Part Time Indian because the protagonists’ brain fluid was causing me anxiety, and There, There has 60 holds before mine. The disability part was unexpectedly boosted by Kind Of An Epic Love Story, which I picked up because it was recommended by a queer twitter book chat. A Quiet Kind Of Thunder also has a deaf love interest. Why is it the love interests and not the protagonists? 

 I’ve also recently started An Unkindness Of Magicans. It had a great start with some significant magic happening in front of muggles without any of them noticing. I wish I’d started it when I was in a better mood, but it has a winter-y vibe. 

What have you recently DNF’d? How are you dealing with SAD? 


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