Gift Of Canon Love


Little tip: don’t plan a post that encourages Netflix.

I originally thought I’d have to choose Dean by himself for The Ultimate Gift, or to live IRL. But Dani chose her ship, so I’m going to choose the pair instead of having one live without the other.


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 I don’t think Destiel should actually live in reality. Dean wouldn’t want to live in a world without Sam, but even though I like him as a person, he doesn’t do much except act as Dean’s fatal flaw. Their moments as brothers are wonderful, but doesn’t advance any plot. It would make more sense if Sam was the lawyer brother who occasionally helped out. Like Bobby, but higher functioning.

But Dean could not live in a world without Cass. Cass would have nothing if he didn’t have Dean. Because they’re soulmates. FACE IT WRITERS.


But really, their entire existence is dependent on, well, the apocalypse and other threats to existence. So maybe it’s good that they don’t exist. They’d become sad mythbusters or cops and just be a sad bisexual couple that can’t do the work that make their lives interesting. Monsters definitely exist, but I’m pretty sure they’re not actually as rampant or dangerous as Supernatural would lead us to believe.

 Yes, they’d actually be a couple IRL because the only thing (barely) stopping them because their lives are written by straight people. Even the actors, both bi, might I add, know this.

So I’d give them the next best thing. I’d make their love canon. And I don’t mean plationic “I love you”s. I mean they’d get married and have babies. Which is probably physically  possible considering that Cass is an angel.

Or, y’know, make the entire show- the Winchesters, the bunker, Crowley, angels…. All real. Also, I’m their secret younger sister. And they’d have to let me live in the bunker because i’m a legacy. While I’m there, I might as well slip Dean a love potion while he’s looking at Cass. Not a permanent one, mind you. Just enough to make him… do things… that he’ll miss when it wears off. 


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