Thanks For Nothing, Padfoot

Mr. Padfoot
I’m not sure who made this, I found it on Amino

Yep, I’m so late I’m crashing. I wanted to post this after seeing Crimes Of Grindelwald, but all I can really say is

images (1)AndersonGot Nothing

 Moving on… Back? To Sirius Padfoot Black. This is going to make me look mentally ill or have issues, but that’s because I’M MENTALLY ILL AND HAVE ISSUES.

 In elementary school, I didn’t have real friends, and my family has always been messed  up. A few people were friendly, but we weren’t close enough to be considered friends. I read so much. When I considered myself old enough to read chapter books, I started with Harry Potter. I fell in love with the world. Not Hogwarts itself, but the idea that there’s a separate community of magical and kind people that don’t use fossil fuels. At least I think, JK never said what Floo powder is made of.

 It showed up in my dreams every night because there was nothing about my days that needed processing, except for this one bully that showed up sometimes to trick Harry because that’s how stupid Harry is.

Hey Sirius

But Padfoot isn’t stupid like that. He’s stupid because he’s a man, and men are stupid (no offense guys. You’re just not on our level.) He knows his way out of things and while he treated Harry more of a friend than a godson, he was the closest thing to a Dad we had. (Yes, we. So what.)

He could turn into a dog. He originally became an animagus to help his best friend through a painful werewolf transition, a condition that comes with stigma to this day. He has all the traits of a born dog; loyalty, love, playfulness, the inability to be happy in a confined space.

These traits, plus y’know, Harry’s stupidity and Bellatrix, led him to his death. I wish not only that he hadn’t died, but we’d known more about him. He’s just this dad that’s a dog. We didn’t get to know him outside of Harry’s perspective, as an objective person.


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What Fantastic Beasts Should’ve Been

Newt is the cutest hufflepuff ever. Jacob…Queenie…Niffler ahh I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. But Crimes Of Grindelwald is an unnecessary mess. It doesn’t line up with cannon HP AT ALL. Plus, they wanted to kill Tina but not Grindelwald? Yes, he needs to live to be killed by Voldemort, but why are you making Tina go through this, and then just locking Grindelwald up?

I love the characters so much, but I wished they’d made it a standalone. Or even a series of standalones, starting with Newt, continuing with Dumbledore (WHERE THE GAYNESS) and somewhere down the line, a Sirius/ Marauders movie. I recognize that y’know, profit, but if JK HAD to continue the franchise, it’d make more sense to not make 5 films that WHY. I loved the first, but I don’t see how future films are going to clear things up. 

So here’s what I would make, if I were David Yates/JK Rowling:

  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: Everyone knows Newt and Tina get married, so at least GET ENGAGED. But that’s just a subplot. LOOK AT ALL THESE CUTE NIFFLERS. That’s the actual plot!
  • Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore: So very GAY. Watch as he falls in love with a criminal and then wins the most powerful wand in existence from him.
  • Who The Owl Is Hedwig: The german saint witch or quidditch player or something that Harry Potter’s owl is named after. A quidditch movie!
  • Minerva Mcgonagall: A witch that takes no bulls*.
  • Mischief Managed: A Marauder’s’ Tale

What did you think of Crimes Of Grindelwald? Would you be down for a marauders’ movie? Sirius: love him or hate him?


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2 thoughts on “Thanks For Nothing, Padfoot

  1. GAHHHHHH! I love this Tanya, lol, OMG all the standalone movie love!! ♥️ I love and heart eyes Sirius Black too!!! I particularly love this “He has all the traits of a born dog; loyalty, love, playfulness, the inability to be happy in a confined space.” hahaha isn’t that the best things about him! I do need to see Crimes Of Grindelwald but maybe on video?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Recently it seems like everything is getting reboots or sequels, and I want some good standalones for once. I need more Sirius, more Hedwig, more Dobby.
    It might be better to wait for Crimes, in case you are one of the people who hate it and have the ability to pause it.
    Glad you liked it! 🐕

    Liked by 1 person

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