It’s Thursday again, and I’m honestly not sure what to say. For the past few nights, I’ve been thinking out posts in support of the trans community, but as it’s such an important topic, and I need more time to actually write it out than just lie down and think as usual. 

Then there’s halloween. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! But due to financial and timing difficultes, I haven’t really decided what to do except check out the library shindig. This might even be the first year I’m not…wearing…a…costume.


I’m just posting to say hey, sometimes life is crap, and not the kind of crap that spurrs your writing and scares your therapist. Life right now is the kind of crap where you think you’re getting through it ok, but you start thinking that maybe something is wrong with your body, and your nose starts bleeding, so OH CRAP but you’re pretty sure it’s stress, so you don’t go to the doctor when you went to the doctor two weeks ago and they said you were fine. The kind of crap you need to write down, but it’s not a need so great you overpower your desire to sleep. 

Life is crap sometimes, and that’s ok.


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I am an author, poet, and playwright. My current WIPs are a doppelganger Dark Academia and sad vampires. I blog about YA LGBTQIAP+ books, with the occasional straight person book for diversity. They/them Wishlist:

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