Master King Has Mental Style/ I Heart Characters Catch-Up!

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Who’s a good boy?

Stephen King is a bit too hyped for me. Yeah, his books are good, the characters well developed, and the plots fascinating, but what’s the big deal?
I’m still conflicted by my choice. IT is my favourite King book, The Shining my favourite King movie, with Pet Sematary a close second. But I don’t like them for their characters. I love ITs’ artful time transitions, which the movie totally failed at. I love all the creepy, crazy ideas in The Shining, I mean, bloody elevator, homicidal writer, ghost girls, frozen maze, LoveLoveLove. I love the atmosphere and location of Pet Sematary. But the characters, just bleh.
But I feel sorry for Cujo. I was terrified as the next when he was pawing on top of the car, but it wasn’t him. It was zombie rabies. It was sickness. There was just a scared little boy that loved his family, with his personality erased by a rabbit bite.
It wasn’t him. He was taken over.
Mental Case

Lucy in the head with the Sammy

Sam and I went mad around the same time, if you don’t consider the time span in between the original release and my netflix binge last year. It was hard, especially the episode when he’s led into a storehouse by Lucy and starts shooting into air. I may not need Lucifer in me to be crazy, but I recognize in Sam Winchester a kindred soul. A genius overpowered by work. The quiet one that does more than he gets screentime for.
Don’t get me wrong, Cass and Dean are my favorites. But I wish it could be less about Dean and more about the Winchester family and hunters in general.


When I first saw Descendants 2 a week ago, I immediately wanted everything Evie. I could do with less girlyness, but she makes it work. And blue. So much blue. I didn’t know I could be this wanting of a fictional characters wardrobe before. I mean,


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2 thoughts on “Master King Has Mental Style/ I Heart Characters Catch-Up!

  1. I had a friend when I was younger who ADORED King and her and her mom had all the movies so I watched them for her even though I wasn’t a horror fan. So I know exactly what you meant by Pet Cemetery (I couldn’t even remember the characters!) and especially Kujo! I think that is why that movie is so emotional… because it wasn’t him!!

    And Sam is such a perfect choice for mental case!! I wouldn’t have thought of him because both Winchesters are so resilient… but it’s actually a wonder they are both still sane, But especially Sam!

    And I didn’t even know there was a Descendants 2 but the outfits are amazing!! I love that you thought of her because you were just watching the movie! That is how I find all my character picks too. ❤

    Thanks for sharing these Tanya! 😀 Your post totally made my day.

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