Binge Or DNF?


House of Silk, Anthony Horowitz-DNF.  Sherlock and Watson are hired to follow the silk road of opium, involving high-ranking lords and mortifying Mycroft. I get enough opium from reading the news, and I don’t want to read any more! This is an uncreative book, and while sounds like Watson, is sometimes clunky.

   Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz-slow read. The dullness of HOS with murders instead of opium, adding enough surprise and death to make me want to solve this. But the writing was slow, and some things didn’t click into SH canon.

 The Word is Murder, Anthony Horowitz– DNF. Disappointing! Self-promo abounds, and why are you writing like that when it’s set in modern times?


Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell– Binge I loved the first half, but the second half got a little too lovey-dovy.  Awesome fangirl in college rep. Click Fangirl for full RV.

 Carry On, Rainbow Rowell- Binge It’s hard to choose my favourite Rowell. They’re just too different to compare. Carry On is inspired by Harry Potter, but Is. Not. Potter. Fanfiction. It’s set at a magic boarding school ans has a Dumbledore-esqe figure, but Simon and Baz, roommates and future lovers, aren’t Drarry. The Humdrum isn’t Voldemort. Great for Potter-heads, but you’d have to read the books to understand that CO isn’t HP fanfic. It’s HP inspired.

 Simon Vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda, Becky Albertalli,– Binge AAWWRGH! Cute romance and gay experience complimenting the other. Simon is closeted, and Martin threatens to expose him unless he helps him with a girl. Blue isn’t who I expected him to be, but I still ship.

  The Life And Death of Sophie Stark, Anna North, -Binge  Cause apparently I read gay romance now. It’s more mature than I’m used to; a bit graphic. I don’t like how Sophie’s portrayed as The Freaky Special One. Unexpected Asperger’s rep, but not a kind one. Accurate, but portrays Aspers as freaks. We are not freaks! Beautiful, sad voice, but sounds like the same voice through different perspectives.


Wish You Were Here, Sneaky Pie Brown– DNF So dull I couldn’t remember the title. It took forever to get through the introduction, as the human mail carrier apparently has to greet everybody in town. The one curious incident gets glazed over, as the human Harry isn’t a curious person. The small town voice is jarred by swearing, and I just no, no, no.

 Rain Reign, Ann M. Martin– Binge This is sad and clunky, so 5th grade. Rose collects homonyms and searches for her dog Rain after her father lets her out during a storm. The Asper traits are a little exaggerated, although people express it differently. I love Rain. I admire Rose’s bravery and selflessness. 

Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens- DNF You may be going “What?” with this one. It’s a great story, and has a great writer, but I’ve already tried to read it a few years ago, but didn’t get to finish it before it was due. This time I started right away, but everything is too familiar. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but once it does, it gives me deja-vu. I think I’ll try to find the good movie version, part of which they showed in class, but not all of it. Ugh. 

Why do you DNF? What’s the good Oliver Twist movie? There’s too many to choose from! What have you DNFed recently? 

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3 thoughts on “Binge Or DNF?

  1. My writing partner always tries the Anthony Horowitz books but she really normally dislikes them! I’m not sure why she puts herself through all that… I LOVE Rainbow Rowell!! I still need to read Phoneline. I heard its too cute… I can’t remember the Oliver Twist I love but its the one with the tiny blonde boy and its a musical I believe… ❤️

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    1. Magpie Murders was good, I was expecting his other books to be the same. A one-hit wonder.
      I still need to read Eleanor and Park. But I can’t wait for Wayward Son!


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