Stepdaddy’s Blood/ WIP Update #2


This is the monthly follow-up for Stepdaddy’s Blood: A WIP  in an attempt to hold myself accountable for my progress. 

Due to technical difficulties, I haven’t been able to write much. I finally got a new keyboard that’s super clunky but makes a satisfying clicking noise while I type. 

“That woman stared at me while I was changing shirts. Scratched my face, tried to feed me salami!”

 Last semester, I took a playwrighting class. It was fun. I made friends and got the general idea of Stepdaddy’s Blood on paper. It made playwrighting easy. When I write dialogue, it flows out like a leaf in the stream of creation. Writing action, scenery, and anything else that isn’t someone talking is hard. When I want to express emotion in a movement, the action comes but not the emotion. 

  “Yes, ew! Was this so you could get some macabre note?”                                       “I got the D.NA.” (Waves bag of hair)                                                                         Pireto leaned against the tree. “When did you know about the suicide?”

 I now have 2,934 words, or 5 1/2 pages. My original goal was to have 10 pages by now. Still, it’s progress. I’ve recently began watching old Stephen King movies. They are so awesome. They feel me a nervous fear that asks for writing as an outlet. 

The Belizean man, Jim, was a well-groomed man with a goatee. In the ’70s, the tips brushed the ground when he walked and folded into a heap when he sat. By the ’90s, it was trimmed to stay on his face.

 So dear reader, can you give me examples of good scenic writing? What books have you read recently that are full of emotion and description? I’m interested in 3rd person mysteries. So many are first person. 

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