2nd In Command/ Science Officer

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 This was a tough one! When I first saw the character type, I immediately thought of Ser Jorah. He’s loyal, his advice is good, and even though he’s in love with Daenerys , he keeps a respectful distance. That is, before I began watching season 5. In season 5, Dany becomes angry with Ser Jorah, and well, I won’t spoil it. I’m still going through season 5, so please don’t spoil it.

  So who else is a good 2nd in command? Mcgongall is 2nd in command at Hogwarts, but the series focuses more on her teaching than on her being vice headmaster. Watson takes over for Sherlock in The Hounds, bu it seems off, as Watson couldn’t actually replace Sherlock if need (don’t) be. There’s commander Riker! But he’s not exactly smart.

  So that leads us to…


  Spock! Spock! Spock.

  I love Spock.

  He should’ve been captain.

  It’s really a mystery why Kirk didn’t die.



giphy (1)


  Spock is hard to describe without getting emotional.


  He’s logical, but for some reason, he is fond of Kirk. That’s just about the only illogical thing about him. But I suppose if he let his natural superiority affect his relationship with Kirk, he wouldn’t have been a very good Science Officer/  2nd in command.

  He’s difficult at anticipating emotions, calculating how to act by logic, and assuming that the Klingons or thing they’re dealing with will also act logically, with the most life saved and knowledge gained. Kirk is somehow great with people despite the fact that he’s a jerk, and lacks logic. Fortunately, Spock is there with a booty of logic. Sorry, bounty of logic. Kirk usually ignores his advice, going with his gut.

  Spock is also Science Officer, a position combined with 2nd officer to empathize that the Enterprise’s  primary mission is to explore new worlds, encounter new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. In hippie words, science, not war. For the sake of plot, there is often war. If it weren’t for Spock, the Enterprise might not get any of her actual mission done.

giphy (2)

  Who would you choose to be your 2nd in command? What makes you love Spock?

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7 thoughts on “2nd In Command/ Science Officer

  1. Hahahahahaha I pretty much laughed my way through this Tanya! I think you were talking about Game of Thrones there at the beginning, right?! (I could totally be wrong too! I read Orangutan’s posts on GoTs all the time… even though I don;t know a lot about it and kind of maybe recognize the names…) Anyway SPOCK!!! GAHHHHH, I seriously wish I had thought of him… though I’m thinking more of the Spock from the whale movie… I LOVE how Spock and Kirk go together like peanut butter and jam! I’m the kind of person who knows what not to do when a person tells me what I ought to do so I really relate to Kirk on some level and that’s also probably why I enjoy the cold Spock who seriously restrains his emotions. ❤️ Such a great choice!! 😀

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  2. Fantastic choice Tanya!! I couldn’t think of anyone this week so I didn’t write a post but I cannot believe I didn’t think of Spock! He’s the perfect choice and I’m a huge Star Trek fan. Ser Jorah is a good choice too. He really does love D and is willing to do anything for her.

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    1. Yeah, this was a hard one! I thought I’d post about Ser Jorah all week before I saw season5. Then I had to sit down and really think about it.
      Live long and prosper!


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