Yoon Is Also A Star

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The Sun Is Also A Star, Nicola Yoon, 348 pages, circa 2016, 12/12 I LOVE YOU


  • Diversity! How often do you read about a Jamaican immigrant? Interracial couples that don’t include a white person?
  • Science! People talking about science like normal people, little burbs about different things, like the biochemistry of love and pie’s reliance on the existence of the universe.
  • Escape Room! In Everything, Everything, the escape room was actually a room, but in The Sun Is Also A Star, the escape room is 18 hours in New York City. I love how so much can happen so much can be felt, in one city, in one day. If Yoon designed escape rooms, she’d be the most memorable, most beloved escape room designer there is. (Moffit isn’t beloved.)
  • Somehow realistic! Natasha and Daniel fell in love in less than 18 hours. It had a sort of surreal, fairy-tale quality to it, but it seemed like real people falling in love. I hate Romeo and Juliet from the heart of my bottom, but I loved and believed this love.
  • Suspense! The Kinsleys face deportation. On e the last day, Tasha finds a lawyer that just might let them stay. It’s not an on-your-toes suspense, as she enjoys her day and time with Daniel. Then she goes into the half-done building with her desperate need to stay. She’s still in denial about the deportation and believes in the lawyer. Can the lawyer do it? It throws the sequence of events into its’ own time flux.

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  • The Baes seem like a stereotypical Korean American family. The parents pressure their sons to go to Ivy League and become doctors. Charlie and Daniel don’t fit the stereotype, but their parents seem cut out of cardboard.
  • What’s with the cover? I get it’s supposed to look like a supernova or the strings of Fates (If it’s the latter, it’s a rather bad representation.) If it’s the former, why yarn?
  • The end was a bit…lame. It should have made a bigger impact, and the author was clearly expecting that impact. But there was no impact. Irene’s story is great, but the chapter itself wasn’t polished, like Nicola sent it off a draft or two early.

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Also seen: For the background I used The Star Trek Guide To The Universe, by Andrew Fazekas. It seemed appropriate given the beauty, science, and powerfulness of it all. 

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  In short, I love Nicola Yoon. I love The Sun Is Also A Star, but Everything, Everything was a tad better. Just a tad.

  How much do you love Nicola Yoon?

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2 thoughts on “Yoon Is Also A Star

  1. I was spoiled for Everything Everything right as I started and it soured me on it so I watched the movie. I totally wanted to read this then read several reviews in a row panning it… but the negative points you picked out aren’t so bad… Actually I’m really waiting for publishers to seek Asian families that aren’t so stereotypical and we need more authors who make parents more individual. Still I think this sounds a lot better seeing it through your eyes Tanya! ❤️

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    1. Everything, everything was spoiled by my best friend while she was handing over a copy for me to read! Some people just aren’t careful.
      It seems odd that there’s a lot of negative reviews. She’s one of the queens of writing, and though there’s only two books, both of them are pretty good.


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