Adios, 2017!

It’s a bit overdue, but here’s to the death of 2017!


TanyaScreams’ most popular post comes with a tie between August Wrap Up and War Of The Worlds-Book Review,  followed closely by Sherlock, Sherlock Sherlock!

Please tell me if you remember these, because I do, but I wrote them and have Sherlockian memory.

These were followed by a triple tie: George Orwell QuoteBooks I Brought To College, and Perks Of Being A Wallflower Letter.



I loved Wallflower. I love Wallflower. Wallflower is one of those books, read at the right time, that can make you feel infinite. Been in High School? Relevant. Been depressed? Relevant. Taken drugs that whacked you out? Relevant.

(I didn’t do the last one, but my point stands.)

  I was so young and read great books I won’t be able to experience for the first time again. But that’s ok, cause when you reread, you can savor the details. BUT who has time for rereading?!?

I am currently still reading LOTR, on page 26 of The Two Towers. That’s after 458 pages of The Fellowship. I’m a college student, don’t judge.

Agatha Christie, surrounded by some of her 80-plus crime novels.
This image is everywhere, but I found it posted on

I religiously don’t like goals, but three paper scented goals I’ll make.

#1 Finish LOTR This has been on my bucket list since I was born, probably. I don’t remember that far back. I am on track to do it, as I already read The Hobbit and The Fellowship.

So far Twin Towers is really, *cough* boring *cough* I mean, it’s epic watching a hot guy and his non-human friends hike across a beautiful Earth, but reading it, it looks like Tolkien was writing a travel diary, emphasis on diary.

#2 Write Something! Yeah, I really don’t want to jinx it because this is the item on the bucket list. 

#3 murder.


Read, Write, Murder, I just found a name for something!

Anyhow, serious posts. I should write these posts with data driven analysis. Which was the point of this post, to analyze.



One thought on “Adios, 2017!

  1. AAAAHH!!! CHARLIE! I love The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The mention of it was basically my main takeaway from this post, but I will try to remember what else you talked about once I have stopped internally screaming about my love for Charlie.
    Hm, having trouble plodding through LOTR, eh? Unfortunately it is a thing I have heard quite frequently. For some reason I never found it to be such an ordeal myself but I can still sympathize with the feeling because I have read many books that have felt boring that way. Plow on, my friend!
    Murder. Should I be concerned about this? It’s probably nothing…
    Yes! Write something! I want to write something too. But what to write is the question.
    Great post and good luck with 2018!

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