AWWW, Yessss, Murder!

Hello reading humans! It’s not Monday anymore!


 Sherlock Holmes is theorized to have been born on born January 6th. His Watson was born on July 7th, 1852, the day Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930. 

 The new Star Wars trailer came out with no captioning. Thanks a lot. I now think Rey called Kylo her brother. Thanks a lot.


 But Books! I finally went to the town library, and. and. It’s a puny library. It’s just puny. I’ll take a picture next time. The mystery section was ok, but there was a lot of low-quality books that I suspect were mostly self-published.


 Town Library:

The Forest Of Prime Evil, Alan Russell. And it’s the second one. From 1 to 12, how much do you hate it when you pick up a book and find out it’s not the first in its series?



 But it looks like a normal detective story, so it should be fine to read out of order. It’s set in Humboldt County, CA, far enough north from the fires to be ok.

Library Book Sale

The Quotable Sherlock Holmes, John H. Watson, M.D. (That’s what it says!) This is my first time owning a Sherlock book. Que latisma it’s not the complete volumes, but it’s Sherlock Holmes.

I am the most incurably lazy devil that ever stood in shoe leather- that is, when the shoe fits me, for I can be spry enough at times

-SH, A Study In Scarlet

Passenger To Frankfurt, Agatha Christe. My first time owning an Agatha Christe. Third time reading is first time owning, I guess. 

The library was having a one day sale, and these two cheap. 2$ for hardcover, 1$ for paperback. I don’t know if this is normal here, but I like it.

School library

Wrighting Ethnicity, Jon D. Rossini. This I got for my playwrighting class (I’m not misspelling writing, it’s s different word for plays), before I found out that I could use Agatha Christe.  (I posted the research HERE) Nonetheless. it is interesting, although so far it only talks about male playwrights. 

Al Jazeera English, Phillip Seib Interesting, but failed to solve my problemas de tarea.

PUBLISHED I AM! Bits Of Flesh was published by Daily Science Fiction! Please read it and give me some feedback if you can. Also, I didn’t think it was very disturbing until I saw the editor’s note- Is it really disturbing and I can’t see it cause I’m the psychopath who wrote it?

Give me the fun facts! What do you know about Sherlock Holmes?


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