Chocolate Mysteries

 Whisper Of Ink  recently fangirled over fantasy as part of the This is my favorite genre-what’s yours? book tag. My reply to the question…

Oh, dear. 

A little over a year ago, I would’ve blurted out sci-fi. Cause death, aliens, Ray Bradbury, and DEATH.


Breaking news: My mom just texted me that there’s a vegan doughnut shop a few blocks from where we lived. It opened last week, two weeks after I left for college.


The topic at hand is vegan genre doughnut favorites. It used to be fantasy glaze, but since I became vegan it became chocolate frosted mystery.  Vegan mystery doughnuts are harder to find (It got a lot easier for some people) because in my day, three weeks ago, you had to scour the shelves, filter out the pulp, and put it on reserve if you were going to be in town for the next month or so.

But there are delicious. Watson’s intriguing filling, Sherlock’s thrill of chocolate. Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…just read my last post. 

Sir Arthur, who created my favorite detective, is not my favorite author. Agatha Christie, with her tunneling writing, is. In the chocolate mystery genre. My favorite author of all time is still sci-fi’s D.N.A., or as the title page says, Douglass Adams.

I know I said I would use my own photos. I know.

  I don’t remember if this is exactly what pulled me into sci-fi, but I was going through a Ray Bradbury phrase during my heavy sci-fi years. He might’ve actually staved me off sci-fi because let’s face it, what’s sci-fi after Bradbury? 

 So I turned to Agatha Christie. I read And Then There Were None a while before I really got into chocolate Mystery, and though I loved it, it didn’t really convert me. What really converted me was…

download (8)

Not even a book. I became addicted to chocolate because Benedict. SherlockSherlockSher…

 I read most of the original stories, “most” because the library had volumes one and two of different editions, skipping CAM, whom I admittedly liked more than Moriarty in the show. Not as a person, but he just gave me creeps while Moriarty seems a counter Sherlock, unoriginal. 

 Did somebody ask me where the best chocolate mystery is? 


  • And Then They Were None, Agatha Christie
  • The Boxcar Children (for younger readers)
  • Sherlock Holmes: If you only read five, If,:
  1.         A Study In Scarlet
  2.         The Red-Headed League
  3.         The Adventure Of The Speckled Band
  4.          The Adventure Of The Final Problem
  5.           The Adventure Of The Lion’s Mane

 Again, I haven’t read all of them, just most, so if you can read all, I encourage you to do so.

What chocolate mysteries do you recommend? Victorian Sherlock Holmes Or modern? What do you recommend from your favorite genre? Speak!


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