College Life~I’m Still Alive

 I wrote a fancy, proper post in my journal about the seven things I’ve learned during the three weeks I’ve been at college, but for now, I’m disregarding it and ranting. Because college sucks.

I need Sherlock.

giphy (2)

 I live in a ten person dorm. I have a roommate who doesn’t like me. I have a dormmate who shut me down because I made jokes on snapchat and on the community board. My people back home loved my dark jokes. They loved me. When I wrote “I am death”, not all of them got the reference, but they all loved me for writing it. When I snapchatted “Veganism applies to nonhuman animals, so I can eat humans.”, one of my dormmates threatened to go to the RLC and ask if I could move.

Watson never asked Sherlock to move.


 So I walked into the woods at night. I’ve only done that once before, with my roommate after trying out ultimate frisbee. It was an experience, but not one I want to repeat, and I only did it to try to connect to her but only managed to further alienate me because my phone wasn’ working so I needed her light cause tree roots. She was faster than me, so I freaked cause it was dark on a trail we weren’t supposed to be on. She asked if i’ve never gone hiking and wtf I already told you I hike all the effing time just not in the dark on forbidden paths.

th (1)

So on tonight’s walk, I was seriously depressed. I might never see the man I love cause I suspect he’s an immigrant and the school he teaches at sucks and fuck Donald Trump. A few raindrops landed on my nose. The sky started rumbling, electrons flashed above. I asked Sherlock how he managed without his Watson for two years.

 He was driven everyday to destroy people (did he kill anyone?) that threatened the safety of his Watson. He wanted his Watson more than anything, went through torture because it was easier to bear then never going back to 221b Baker st.

 Because Frodo. Because Thorin. Because Ed Sheeran’s Photograph.

Home is waiting. If it kept us alive and loving, it’s worth waiting for. It’s worth making proud of.



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